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Working with my damn Yahoo site was a pain in the a**. Damn computer is slow, damn site takes forever, etc, etc. Finally got the thing to load my sketches properly (kind of) only they are too large to fit on the damn computer screen. I'll probably fix it later.
*stands on desk and kicks the computer monitor*


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using HTML? Use the Height and width tags inside the brackets.... what's the addy for your Yahoo site? I might just check it out on my way to the weight room... o yeah, and "Do you know where the weight room is" ?


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Frew: 10 weeks ago. Read it. 10 weeks ago. The site's up. It's a couple of links to a couple of FFFF drawings. I used page builder 'cause I didn't want to have to learn html, or mess around with it. I will eventually. Not now.

So, how are you? lol.

Thanks for offering Frew. At the bottom of my page is a link to a link; just says FFFF I think. lol


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