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I can edit my page again. Thanks to all who responded, and thanks especially to Peta and Bruce for their support. smiley - smiley

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Apparently, I am no longer allowed to edit my introduction. Therefor, I believe I have a legitimate gripe, as the links and text I put on the page are there for the benefit of h2g2 and its users. I was going to respond to a request from a friend and link his page to mine, but alas, I cannot, as whenever I attempt to edit my page, I am told that I am not allowed to edit this (my) page!



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They made me a sub-ed. That was their first mistake... mwahaha

Ah, ok. Maybe not. If I get an entry of yours to edit, I'll try to get ahold of you before I start to hack it to pieces (which is, of course, my job). I might ask for more research &/or sources, but I'll work hard to push the acceptance of *good* entries, and I'll try to work as quickly as possible to get rid of the backlog, etc, etc.

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Ta Ha!

Just got my old job back. Boss called me up at 5(pm) and said I'd start back in a week or two. Calls back 5 minutes later and asks if I can start tomorrow. Back to playing with dirt (soil testing)!

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Working with my damn Yahoo site was a pain in the a**. Damn computer is slow, damn site takes forever, etc, etc. Finally got the thing to load my sketches properly (kind of) only they are too large to fit on the damn computer screen. I'll probably fix it later.
*stands on desk and kicks the computer monitor*

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