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I finally brought the canon i wanted,the same as yours and i was gutted to find that my best lens are not compatable after allsmiley - grr
They fit ok,but won't work smiley - bleep So having bankrupted myself getting the thing,i now have to find a no doubt very expensive telephoto lens for it!
I remember you asking me how to turn the screen on,well you can' take pictures through the eye-piece,although,once you have focused on what you want,it will display on the screen for about two seconds.I can't see much use for that,unless you are taking still life or maybe landscapes.I hope this helps you.It is a bit difficult to master all the functions the camera offers,but untill you are confident,your best bet is to put it on fully automatic and fire away,it saves making any mistakes and the picture quality is very good.If i can help in any way,let me know.smiley - cheers

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