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Where has everyone gone?

The last few times I've been on here, nothing seems to be happening apart from a couple of games. No discussion groups apart from Icy; and everyone else seems to have done a runner!smiley - run

Is anybody actually piloting this spaceship anymore? and if so, where are they taking us. It all seems to have 'gone to pot' Such a shame, it used to be so great a community.smiley - wahsmiley - wahsmiley - wahsmiley - wah

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destined to cry

I am going to cry!smiley - wahsmiley - wahsmiley - wahsmiley - wahsmiley - wahsmiley - wah

Even though I can still see my friends list, I can no longer get into conversations with such people who are so important to me - people like lil, Prof, GB, ST, Icy, MMF; et-al, the list is seemingly endless; but the postings I can see are from 2009,2011,2013 etc.,

Why can't I get you guys now????????????????????????????


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smiley - erm Anybody old enough to remember this? My PS Preferences have always leant towards Brunel. Nowadays it always defaults to that horrible blue **** where my conversations are in the bottom half of the screen and I have to up-date every time I log in. It is driving me crazy with frustration. Are you there Icy????smiley - cry Or of course anybody else who can solve this infuriating issue.smiley - wahsmiley - grovel

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Douglas Adams again

For any of you with nothing to do at 6:00pm BST today. The following link may help; as I don't know if quoting 'Auntie's' stations is classed as advertising.

The final part of the original first series of The Hitchhiker's Guide; first broadcast in 1978 is being repeated tonight!smiley - biggrin

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Fame at last!

Some of you may have already seen the following article about Geraldine.

Listening to my local radio station yesterday, I heard the report on the above. The broadcaster asked listeners to send in a poem, rhyme or limerick, covering the story, so I dreamed up a few lines, sent them off and forgot about it. Later on I was amazed to hear the guy actually read it out over the air.smiley - biggrin

So I am going to share it.smiley - whistlesmiley - run

Geraldine the donkey, was stranded in the mud.
She’d be really, really frightened; as we all knew she would.
Without a hope of rescue, was there only left goodbye?
Until Avon Fire and Rescue came on the scene to try!

They heaved and strained and slow so slow, the donkey they did save,
And hundreds of well wishers, were there to cheer and wave.
And though our lovely Geraldine, had up to her neck been,
A happier, happier donkey, there never has been seen.

So now we all must hope and pray, her life will be so good.
And happiness will be her lot, as we all know it should.
So Geraldine we wish you, a happy, happy life.
And trust that you will no more be, a subject to such strife!

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