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The stone eater aka SigSig (SI) - webmaster


Im a 4th year medical student. Its odd to find another medic on here.

I read that you want to go into psych. What made you decide that? I have that block next ( for 5 weeks after xmas) and im really looking forward to it. I dont really know what to expect though. Do you have any advise?

Anyway hope to hear from you soon,

Vicky smiley - cheers


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Hi Vicky,

If nobody's mentioned this before, then welcome to hootoo! There are a couple of other medics around on the site, I'm sure you'll bump into them every so often.

Most people find psych really interesting, but don't necessarily want to end up doing it as a job. The trick is to just relax, see as much as you can and remember that the patients are just people who for one reason or another are having trouble coping with life in general.

I start my first job as a registrar on Monday - I've been an SHO up till now. A bit nervous, but I'll be logging on here every so often. Give me a yell if you need a hand around the site or with your run, I'll see what I can do smiley - smiley



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I'm currently on my second day of a pscyh placement as well!


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The stone eater aka SigSig (SI) - webmaster


Can you have a look at my article on Jenner if you have time? Its my first one so pls be nice.

V x


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I skimmed it very quickly earlier, looks pretty good. I'll comment properly in the PR thread, probably tomorrow.


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