Norway, fjords and Møøses.

After a hard days work sinking the RMS Titanic, I have decided to return in order to help making this new "Hitchhikers Guide to Earth". No, really..

Uninteresting info about me

In real life I am studying in Tromsø, Norway, at Tromsø University College. The reason why i moved all the way from warm, sunny Oslo (Still Norway) to freezing cold Tromsø, i still can't figure out... Anyway, I hope all this pays off when I'm done here in about two years time.

Born near Trondheim one thousand ninehundred and seventyeight years after this guy on the cross, I spent my first year on this planet at a mental institution at Sandnes (Near Stavanger), which people say have affected me. I've also been told that my dad only worked there. He still claims so. I then spent 5 years in Ålesund by accident, before moving to Oslo in '85. Living in a safe neighborhood that long obviously wasn't good for me: After waisting a year with the army, I actually stayed behind in northern Norway.

Norway, land of polarbears

I just don't get why people live this far north anyway! Just look at any map of the world! What other parts of the world lies as far north as Norway? Siberia, yes. And Greenland. Northern Canada. Alaska. And Sweden (many løøøvely møøøses). I mean, we should have icecaps at least as far south as Trondheim! Well, thanks to the Gulfstream.

Well, I hope you'll be able to bear over with me, and trust me (This is my other personality speaking): Norway Isn't at all as bad as he (me) says. I hope to be writing an entry on Norway (or Scandinavia?) soon...

And, I nearly forgot - Thanx to Slartibartfast


Check out the Tromsø University College Webcam! You can't se much of the town (some smartass pointed the camera in the wrong direction), but at least you get an idea of the landscape and the climate!

Why write so much crap on my homepage? Coz this is actually the first time I'm actually making anything in XML or HTML! Just trying it out! Enjoy!

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