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Does God always know the future?

Question from today's Old Testament tutorial: does God always know the future? Wondered if anyone out there had any views on the matter, it was rather an interesting moment of debate we had, although somewhat mindboggling.

Got a feeling that one could have been better punctuated...

If God does know the future, doesn't that imply that the future's all sorted, ie what's gonna happen next has already been decided? If so, who by??? And what happens about free will if the actions you take after reading this have already been mapped out. Did you really choose to read my journal, or is life like some sort of play on a grand scale with the script written in advance?

On the other hand, if God doesn't know what's coming up next... Just doesn't seem to fit with my image of who God, feels like it's making Him look somewhat less awesome and all-powerful that I've always thought He is.

Any thoughts?

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