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Hi everybody! I am Dude Bob! If my name looks familiar, you may have seen me at http://www.forum.lddebate.org/" >http://www.forum.lddebate.org/ (the Lddebate.org official discussion board) If you have never been to that forum, you really should go. Registration is simple and private and there is a wide variety of topics that would interest even non-debaters, such as philosophy and political forums.

I joined h2g2 because I was getting bored at home and couldn't find anything to do. So's I thought I'd be a researcher. Is it fun?

Stuff I like: I am a computer game addict. Here are just a few of my favorites:

Monkey Island series
Blizzard RTS games (starcraft, warcraft, etc.)
Total Annihilation (best RTS EVER.)
Master of Orion series
Worms series (its so cool, just a bunch of little worms shooting the crap out of each other)
Return Fire series (basically, its Battlefield 1942 meets Capture the Flag Extreme)
Command and Conquer RTS series
Metroid series
Zelda series
Final Fantasy series

And my all time favorite game ever,


Religios assosiation: I am a confirmes Roman Catholic and occasionally do volunteer work at various places. Roman Catholics are part of Christianity. We believe that the Messiah is indeed Jesus Christ. We also believe that when the Eucharist is consecrated, it actually becomes the body and blood of our Lord. Confirmed Catholics are expected to teach to others Jesus's ideals of Peace, Love, Unity, and Forgiveness.

Personality: TheSpark.com's Personality Test (check it out sometime) described me as a "Mastermind" (or introverted hard-thinking determined something or other)

Political assosiation: I am one of The Few and The Proud--a Libertarian. They don't get much publicity. Basically, a Libertarian believes that an effective society is one where the government is stricly bound by the constraints of the Constitution, and does not have any more power than is the bare necessity of what is needed to keep things standing. I will not try to impose my beliefs on you (I have the Lddebate.org forums for that), though I may ask you to just consider the Lib. point of view from time to time.

Fun Fact about me: In 2001 alone, I had about 6 almost-death experiences involving very poor drivers and traffic direction.

Obsessions: Cheese. I love cheese. We should all join together and base our country's entire economy on the production of cheese.

Family Riddle: Try to solve it--

A man without eyes, saw plums on a tree. He neither took plums, nor left plums. How can this be?

So, who wants to be my friend?


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