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Yo, FS :)

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Feuille v. 2

Hello there!

Just thought I'd let you know: The Magicians Guild is waking up again. I've taken control and am stirring things up. We need all the help we can get!

I've also noticed that you have two characters there smiley - biggrin...would you like to keep both, or one? Tell me, please! smiley - smiley

If you don't want to come back, that's still fine - but please, reply and tell me, and I'll put you on the inactive list for both.



Yo, FS :)

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Feuille I would love to come in and play but I am not sure I could dedicate the time I think it deserves... maybe keep one - not sure which but leaning towards my pyromancer and do the odd 'guest appearance' roll.

That is only if it is acceptable to you...

Yo, FS :)

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Feuille v. 2


I thought you had a necromancer, and a...*checks* an Elementalist. The Necromancer was an apprentice, the lowest kind, and the Elementalist was a novice, level two.

We'd love to have you - you don't have to devote all your time to it. Just as much as is enjoyable for you!

Yo, FS :)

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Well the elementalist I meant... just he was more specialised in the fire aspect hence the pyromancer smiley - smiley

Ok... I must admit it has been awhile since I have roleplayed online and I appreciate the allowance on time etc... so please can I ask if you do not mind pointing the way to my character and plus I think we need to have a chat to cover what has been missed, where I am going to carry on etc...

thank you


Yo, FS :)

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Feuille v. 2

Well, let's see... As far as where your character is, I think in this instance we're all allowed a bit of leeway. Just post your character appearing wherever you want him to appear, and keep track of him from then on. We can't all be expected to just make our character appear where they were a year ago (Mine was in the healing halls, asleep. Asleep for a year! ) is the thread Playing Catch Up, which I posted on recently. That'll get you as up to speed as the rest of us are Or at least as up to speed as I am!

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