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some of you have heard I was a paranormal investigation over the weekend and if you haven't - well it was good... So I am going to keep a parnormal journal online and I thought why not keep it here...

So please feel free to comment, to theorise, to chat and add what you feel about the paranormal...

So with that a brief description of my weekend at Maes Artro.

I was on a ghost investigation Saturday night. This was at a place called Maes Artro (a place in Wales, it is an old RAF base turned into a heritage site). It was an all nighter as well and still feel a bit tired...

Anyhow had a lot of strange and interesting expierences and it used a mixture of scientific investigation measures (temperature and emf detectors, Motion sensor cameras and other recording devices). They also use paranormal investigative measures like Seances and mediums...

We looked at several areas of the base including the projection room, the air raid shelter, the hanger, an old warehouse and the morgue. It was wierd... I kept picking names of ghosts up (got names right 50% of the time and letters names began with 100% of the time) most of which have been verified on prior investigations... Saw somethings move by themselves... Had a camera run out of battery power in 10 mins on freshly charged batteries and then run for 8 hours on a second set... Also got attacked by a ghost... felt like I was being choked...

Scary but really cool weekend... Even with the attack and all *lol* So a top night overall....

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Possibly the worse film I have seen in a long long time....

Well I just wanted to offer a warning to people on hootoo about how dire The Grudge (with Sarah Michelle Geller) is...

No storyline making any sense,
Acting so wooden pinochio could have done better,
Scary moments you laugh at,
Non-scary moments that terrify you (like paying £5:50 to watch it),
Sitting 20 mins into the film thinking what the hell is this,
Sitting 20 mins after the film thinking what the hell was that meant to be? An ending?????,

Good points,

ermmmmm, the fact you can take the mik out of it....

You have been warned....

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An apology from Thran....

I have been asked to pass on an apology by Thran for not being online... There have been some technical difficulties involving cookies (internet varient) and Thran has asked me to say that roleplaying will continue once sorted though there is no problem if the characters are played by other players if needed....

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Ok just like to say that after much discussion this is going to be the last poem journal entry I do because I am going to put all my poetry into one post... this one. So all those people that commented about me taking up all there thread space will not be overwelmed by it all....

To start anyway


Perhaps one day I will know,
why is life all high and low?
All happens in this strange way,
the good the bad all in one day.

For all things happen it so much,
I feel like my brain is mush,
my soul and body is running low,
like an f1 car needing a tow.

Sometime I think that this is life,
with all the trouble and strife,
but then it also brings the good,
so the waters clear is now mud.

Prehaps I need a little time out,
to quietly have my rant and shout,
sometimes I feel like I want to cry,
but then I see the way you smile.

So then I look into the eyes and see,
that love is truly the thing for me.
For then it all becomes so clear,
and the feeling is so near.

Oh I want to just do the best I can,
the best yet not perfect for I'm a man.
and is that good enough what I offer you?
For I wish I could do more too.

So please feel free to comment and also just keep this one active for this is where the poems will be....

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Shadows swallowing,
Light luminating,
Darkness dawning,
over the day.

Night nearer,
Sky shading,
Sun sinking,
flees the day.

Black becoming.
Stars seeing,
Moon marching,
comes the night.

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