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what a jerk...

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Researcher 27896

sideswipe! u need to stand up for yourself! don't let jack push you around! next time he sideswipes you punch him in the nose....

what a jerk...

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A complete knee-biter. Tell him to zark off!

what a jerk...

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Codename Nomad

yeah, sideswipe! don't let jack tell you how to run things, you run things and make jack think he's doing it. you're the man behind the plan, my friend! go out, win awards.

you're my favorite researcher. i love you! =D

what a jerk...

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Fission Chips

Its all very relative. Suffering today is practice for suffering later on, you can only get better at it.

Sideswipe, baby...

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I gotta few questions for Ford if I ever see him, including why you aren't an independent researcher. You got the brains, you got the skills, and from what I've seen, you've got the bod, babe. Y'all hang in there, and you'll be running the place before any of them know it.

I'm not too sure about the porpoise thing, but, Ford, he works in mysterious ways, right?

You're the frood that knows where his towel is in this twisted operation.

~ Lares

Sideswipe, baby...

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logicus tracticus philosophicus

so hindsight is a wonderfull asset

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