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I congratulate you on putting together a fairly comprehensive description. However, having been a "fully fledged" diabetic for almost 38 years - having been diagnosed just before I was 11 - and put straight on to the old jabs (yep, those metal & glass syringes with thick needles & having to do urine tests in public lavs)- I realised that you have to be positive about it.

You have it, most likely, for life, therefore the message I would like to send to all old & newly diagnosed diabetics is:
"Don't be frightened by the condition, don't let it take over your life, respect it & treat it with care, then in the long term you will benefit. My reasoning: some diabetics are healthier than the average person in the street, because they have HAD to take care of themselves.
These days we LIVE - it is NOT a disease that will kill us."

Personally, I eat a little smiley - choc each day (85% cocoa solids) & drink wine smiley - bubbly - which they have just "discovered" increases one's lifespan, so on balance ............. smiley - cheerup

Please let me know what you think of my comments smiley - ok

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Your article on IDDM

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