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Apostrophes and stuff

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At last! Someone else who hates apostrophes!

They were a real pet hate of mine, so I'm glad there's an article all about apostrophes that I can link from my Pet Hates page... smiley - smiley

Apostrophes and stuff

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Hi there - thanks for popping by... I've been intending to update that page for quite some time, so give us a shout if there are any additions you can think of.

There's a great page that's worth a look at - but it seems to be out of action at the moment. However, Google has a cache of the page at in case of emergencies.

(In fact, whilst I think of it, I might make a copy in case it disappears for good...)

I'll pop along to your Pet Hates page; I'm sure I can think of one or two. Have you taken a look at How To Annoy People (A221202)? I've listed several of my personal peeves there...

All the best,

Apostrophes and stuff

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A good page as well. Didn't know Google caches stuff. That's quite useful... smiley - smiley

Apostrophes and stuff

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Indeed - I'd seen the links there, but hadn't tried it until I discovered that the Your / You're page was unavailable.

I wonder how long it keeps the stuff for? And how much does it actually cache?

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