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IRQ traumas

Well, I've found myself messing with IRQs yet again; I've yet to understand why the machine at home persists in using IRQ 10 within Win98 for both sound and video cards, even though the BIOS reports them as using IRQs 10 and 12.

No, it's not at all interesting - but pretty frustrating if you get a bluescreen crash on 1 in 20 boot-ups...

Perhaps I'll try reinstalling Win98 again, just for the fun of it.

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Latest reply: Mar 16, 2001

DIY PC building

Well, that time has come again. I'm now embarking on the time-consuming task of building myself another PC. A word of warning, though - it would appear that AMD Duron processors are a lot less durable than their name suggests, and you have to make sure you get the right heatsink because otherwise you risk crushing the processor as you install it.

Just out of interest, how many other people out there have tried using Durons to build their own computer system? Any good / bad experiences?

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Latest reply: Sep 28, 2000

Teriyaki Chicken - h2g2 saves the day!

Well, I'm thrilled. I popped down to London last weekend, and a friend and I had a meal at a small Japanese restaurant just off Leicester Square. The food was fantastic (we had the Chicken Teriyaki 5-course set meal) and since then I've been looking for a decent recipe. Couldn't find one in the cookery books in the shops, but one quick search on h2g2 pulls up the 'How to Cook Chicken' page at containing the Teriyaki Chicken recipe.

So, thank you to the Researcher that submitted that recipe; I'll be giving it a go in the near future... smiley - winkeye

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Latest reply: Jul 30, 2000

Wharfedale DVD750

Well, I've finally got my hands on one. Not quite as sleek as the Samsung 709, but I couldn't find one of those for love nor money.

The DVD draw is a little noisy, and the onscreen menus are displayed in a font that looks like it's been drawn on a Spectrum, but the picture quality is absolutely gorgeous! So, what DVDs should I buy? smiley - winkeye

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Latest reply: Jul 25, 2000

Project deadlines

Deadlines are marvellous things, aren't they? My H2G2 access might be a little intermittent for the next month or so... I've got a rather important project that I really must finish smiley - winkeye

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Latest reply: May 20, 2000

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