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aka Bel - A87832164

Hello and welcome to the wonderful community of h2g2 , also called 'hootoo smiley - smiley'
I am your <./>ACE</.> and have come to meet you and to greet you and to help you with your first steps on this site.smiley - smiley
First things first :
smiley - dontpanic, there's always somebody near to help you with whatever your problem might be. For example you can reply to this message and/or ask me a question by simply pressing the reply button. Or you can click on the name above this message, which will bring you directly to my Personal Space ( recommended smiley - winkeye ), where you can leave a message for me.smiley - magic

Emmily has created a shiny new page : h2g2 in a nutshell here A8468742

Feisor has set up a wonderful page with hints and links, so please, go and explore them here: A719840

After the idea and request of a friend, I've set up a page here: A12412513

Things you should know before you start :
This is an open forum, so everything you post can be seen by everybody else, and you cannot delete it, nor can you correct it once it is sent. This is where the 'preview' button below your answering box comes in handy smiley - winkeye
The only thing you can edit or delete, is any guide entry you create,( go here for more info : A53209 ) which includes the introduction on your Personal Space.smiley - ok
If you reply to this message and tell me a bit about your interests, I can most certainly point you directly to the best places to go.smiley - smiley
This is where I would explain a few site-specific things, but my friend said it was too long, so I'll wait until you ask smiley - winkeye

Take your time, have a look around the site, and enjoy yourself smiley - cheers
P.S. I'm certainly prone to having forgotten something vital to you, so please don't be shy, hit the reply button below this message smiley - ok


smiley - somersault

ACE's Hi

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Hi Bel

Thank you for your warm and friendly welcome.

Perhaps I should have started "nuqneH", but I'm not sure if you are as interested in klingon as your name suggests.

I must admit my first impressions of h2g2 are something like an intimidating-chaotic-idiosyncratic-eclectic-sprawl. Never were the kind words "don't panic" more needed.

I was pointed towards h2g2, by a a work-colleague who saw me browsing Wikipedia. I really like wikipedia, and I am just dipping my toes into h2g2, to see if I can get used to it.

I'm just going to do a little exploring to get some taste for the flavour of the articles, and the material covered.



Ps: JPB1301 is not an easy name to converse with - so you can call me Joe.

ACE's Hi

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aka Bel - A87832164

Hi Joe, I'm sorry I never came back to your reply - I only found it now when coming to your PS to leave you a message. smiley - doh
I hope you find h2g2 less chaotic now, I see you've dipped more than your toes in, by writing a wonderful entry. smiley - magic
I am the sub-editor for this entry, and you can find the subbed version here:

It's not yet finished, but will hopefully be so soon. smiley - smiley

smiley - somersault

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