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OK so I'm another one who heard about the de-merge from the BBC, and thought " Hey - didn't I have something to do with that once? "; and decided to log back in and see what it was all about.

Have actually been much more active on wakipedia - but find their stringent 'no original research' ethos a bit difficult to take sometimes. So have decided to come back to where original writing is encouraged..smiley - biggrin

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Hard day's night

I should be sleeping - but after a long shift at the hospital I can't resist a nice relaxing spell on-line to wind down.

New to h2g2. Not sure what the 'big picture' is yet. Feel like I'm wandering around an alien landscape. Quite keen not to antagonise the natives!

Slightly unsure that my random musings will be worth the memory space they take up on the the h2g2 servers, but just intrigued enough to want to give things a go.

Had a very warm and friendly greeting from B'elana. So not a bad start really. But enough axilla gazing - must do some exploring around the place.

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