Welcome to my frozen abyss

<DIV style="position:absolute; width:282px; height:254px; z-index:1; left: 531px; top: 2361px" id="Layer1"><img src="http://www.users.nascr.net/~madmunk/source/IMAGE011.jpg" >http://www.users.nascr.net/~madmunk/source/IMAGE011.jpg" border="0" usemap="#The Thinkers"/></DIV>
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<P align="center"><FONT size="3" face="Comic Sans MS" color="#FFFF00"><B><font face="Tempus Sans ITC" color="#99FFFF">My
Favourite web pages and sites are:-</font></B></FONT></P>
<LI><b><font size="2" color="#99CCFF" face="Tempus Sans ITC"><A href="http://www.aberdare.ac.uk" >http://www.aberdare.ac.uk">Aberdare
<LI><b><font face="Tempus Sans ITC"><A href="http://www-personal.usyd.edu.au/~gmaselli/simpsons/simpsons.htm" >http://www-personal.usyd.edu.au/~gmaselli/simpsons/simpsons.htm"><FONT size="2">Simpsons
<LI><b><font size="2" face="Tempus Sans ITC"><A href="http://www.nasa.gov" >http://www.nasa.gov">Nasa</A></font></b></LI>
<LI><b><font size="2" face="Tempus Sans ITC"><A href="http://www.fbi.gov" >http://www.fbi.gov">FBI</A></font></b></LI>
<LI><b><font size="2" face="Tempus Sans ITC"><A href="http://www.five.org.uk/index.html" >http://www.five.org.uk/index.html">Unofficaial
SAS, MI5 and MI6 page (Shows location of headquaters, leaders, the lot.)</A></font></b></LI>
<P align="center"><b><font size="3" color="#33FF66" face="Tempus Sans ITC">The
Best Researchers on H2G2 are:-</font></b></P>
<LI><b><font size="2" face="Tempus Sans ITC"><A href="http://h2g2.com/U27618" >http://h2g2.com/U27618">Madmunk</A></font></b></LI>
<LI><b><font size="2" face="Tempus Sans ITC"><A href="http://www.h2g2.com/U40408" >http://www.h2g2.com/U40408">Monshari</A></font></b></LI>
<LI><b><font size="2" face="Tempus Sans ITC"><A href="http://www.h2g2.com/U37819" >http://www.h2g2.com/U37819"><BR/>Fenchurch
M Mercury (She makes the fishies)</A><IMG src="http://www.h2g2.com/images/f_fish.gif" >http://www.h2g2.com/images/f_fish.gif"/></font></b></LI>
<LI><b><font size="2" face="Tempus Sans ITC"><A href="http://www.h2g2.com/U25691" >http://www.h2g2.com/U25691">Dolphin
<P align="center"><b><font size="3" color="#FF6633" face="Tempus Sans ITC"><BR/><BR/>The
Crappiest Page of the day is:-</font></b></P>
<LI><b><font size="2" face="Tempus Sans ITC"><A href="http://www.h2g2.com/u91375" >http://www.h2g2.com/u91375"><BR/>El
Total crappo, (El Torrino's) page</A></font></b></LI>

<DIV style="position:absolute; width:247px; height:105px; z-index:1; left: 540px; top: 218px" id="Layer1">
<font face="Tempus Sans ITC"><b><!-- Start counter.bloke.com --> <FONT size="2" color="#99CCFF">Welcome
you are visitor number</FONT> </b></font>
<TABLE border=4>
<TD> <APPLET height=20 width=75 archive="http://counter.bloke.com/Counter.zip" >http://counter.bloke.com/Counter.zip" code="Counter.class" codebase="http://counter.bloke.com/" >http://counter.bloke.com/">
<PARAM name=url value="http://www.h2g2.com/U46027" >http://www.h2g2.com/U46027"/>
<PARAM name=reset value="0"/>
<PARAM name=img value="/default.gif"/>
<b><font size="2" face="Tempus Sans ITC" color="#99CCFF">Since 20.00 21 July
1999</font><font face="Tempus Sans ITC"><BR/> <!-- End counter.bloke.com -->
<div id="Layer3" style="position:absolute; width:241px; height:282px; z-index:3; left: 512px; top: 1140px"><img src="http://www.users.nascr.net/~cwmdare/jonpic3.jpg" >http://www.users.nascr.net/~cwmdare/jonpic3.jpg"></div>
<div id="Layer4" style="position:absolute; width:198px; height:32px; z-index:4; left: 533px; top: 2327px">
<div align="left"><font face="Tempus Sans ITC" color="#FF0000"><b>The thinkers
<div id="Layer5" style="position:absolute; width:200px; height:115px; z-index:5; left: 295px; top: 200px"><img src="http://www.users.nascr.net/~cwmdare/h8g8b8.jpg" >http://www.users.nascr.net/~cwmdare/h8g8b8.jpg"></div>
<P><EMBED src="http://spellsandmagic.com/tubbular.mid" >http://spellsandmagic.com/tubbular.mid" width="0" height="0" loop=false controller=false autoplay=true/>
</embed><IMG src="http://www.users.nascr.net/~cwmdare/Morph.gif" >http://www.users.nascr.net/~cwmdare/Morph.gif" alt="The Question is, Which one's me?"/></P>
<P><IMG src="http://www.spellsandmagic.com/lower.jpg" >http://www.spellsandmagic.com/lower.jpg" width="733" height="26"/></P>
<P><b><font size="3" face="Tempus Sans ITC" color="#FF9900">I was born into a
poor family but over the years I have made my millions and now I go to private
school in a <font color="#FFFF00">yellow</font> <font color="#FF66FF">Ferrari</font>
F40. <I>I WISH !! </I> As you can probably tell, like most fifteen year old
boys I fantasise about being rich. Just imagine what you could do with it. Buy
a fleet of car's ride around in helicopter and pop over to the USA in my private
jets on weekends.No seriously now, I really live in Cwmdare, a small village
in South Wales. I'm five foot six tall and lets just say that I'm not of a small
build. I'm kinda chunky. I live with both of my parents and my little sister
who's an absolute pain. I live in quite a small but cosy house. I enjoy messing
about on my computer and I think I'm better than I really am. I've taken more
of computers than I've put on, most of it by accident. This is my very first
web page so why don't you send me a note telling me how I could improve my next
one. I was thinking of home video's. What da ya think? I recon Madmunk's page
is brilliant. All of those animations and fingeys on Wales. I've known him since
I was three and I know everything that there is to know about him, so if you
want any dirt on him, just ask! A little tip, don't call MadMunk any resembling
T*G or he'll make your life a living HELL!!</font></b>
<p> </p>
<FONT size="3" face="Comic Sans MS" color="#FF0000">
<TABLE width="95%" height="34" align="right" cellspacing="0" border="0" cellpadding="0">
<TD width="20" rowspan="3" align="right"><IMG src="images/layout/greencircle_L.gif" width="13" height="24"/></TD>
<TD bgcolor="#cccccc" width="518"><IMG src="images/blank.gif" width="1" height="1"/></TD>
<TD bgcolor="#cccccc" width="181"><IMG src="images/blank.gif" width="1" height="1"/></TD>
<TD bgcolor="#99cccc" width="518"><IMG src="images/blank.gif" width="1" height="1"/></TD>
<TD bgcolor="#99cccc" width="181"><IMG src="images/blank.gif" width="1" height="1"/></TD>
<TD bgcolor="#006699" width="518"><FONT " face="Comic Sans MS" color="white">
<b><font face="Tempus Sans ITC">Hardy's Magic, slowly being taken over by
Bazooka !!!!!</font></b></FONT></TD>
<TD width="181"><IMG src="images/layout/wave1.gif" width="48" height="22"/></TD>
<TD width="20" height="9" align="right"> </TD>
<TD colspan="2" height="9"><BR/> </TD>
<P> </P>
<P><b><font size="3" face="Tempus Sans ITC" color="#FF0000"><BR/><BR/>
</font> </b></P>
<TABLE width="80%" align="center" border="0">
<DIV align="left"><FONT size="3" face="Comic Sans MS" color="#FF0000"><font color="#33FF33" face="Tempus Sans ITC"><b><font color="#FF33FF">We
were a dying band. We have been reborn, with new faces and songs. Go to
the Hardy's Magic page and tell us if you think we're OK or if we should
give up whilst we're ahead.</font></b></font></FONT></DIV>
<DIV align="left"><A href="http://www.h2g2.com/A123913" >http://www.h2g2.com/A123913"><IMG src="http://www.users.nascr.net/%7Ecwmdare/hm_anim2.gif" >http://www.users.nascr.net/%7Ecwmdare/hm_anim2.gif" width="158" height="86" border="0"/></A></DIV>
<FONT size="3" face="Comic Sans MS" color="#FF0000">
<P><b><font face="Tempus Sans ITC"><BR/><HR/><BR/> </font></b>
<BLOCKQUOTE><b><font face="Tempus Sans ITC"><BR/><font color="#FF9900">I've
had enough of writing for now, but if anybody has anything to say leave
a message for me or click here. <A href="MAILTO:[email protected]"><IMG src="http://www.andyart.com/free/animations/myanim/email8.gif" >http://www.andyart.com/free/animations/myanim/email8.gif"/></A></font></font></b></BLOCKQUOTE>
<font color="#FF9900"><b><font face="Tempus Sans ITC"><P/> <MARQUEE>Here are some
of my hoopy friends I've been chatting to!!</MARQUEE></font></b></font><b><font face="Tempus Sans ITC"><P/>
</font> </b>
<BLOCKQUOTE><b><font face="Tempus Sans ITC"><A href="HTTP://H2G2.COM/U27618">
Madmunk's cool page</A><IMG src="http://www.animfactory.com/animgifs/flags/world/nations_oz/wales_clr.gif" >http://www.animfactory.com/animgifs/flags/world/nations_oz/wales_clr.gif"/><BR/><a href="http://www.h2g2.com/u53422" >http://www.h2g2.com/u53422">Bazooka</a><font size="3" color="#FF0000"><BR/></font><A href="http://www.h2g2.com/U37819" >http://www.h2g2.com/U37819">Fenchurch</A><BR/><A href="http://www.h2g2.com/U48625" >http://www.h2g2.com/U48625">Frustreren</A><BR/><A href="http://www.h2g2.com/U34345" >http://www.h2g2.com/U34345">Olias</A><BR/><A href="http://www.h2g2.com/U40408" >http://www.h2g2.com/U40408">Monshari</A><BR/><A href="http://www.h2g2.com/U34159" >http://www.h2g2.com/U34159">Swiv</A></font></b></BLOCKQUOTE>
<b><font face="Tempus Sans ITC"><BR/><P/><font color="#FF9900">With great thanks
to <img src="http://www.web-wrangler.com/ashlandinterne/images/ctlogo.gif" >http://www.web-wrangler.com/ashlandinterne/images/ctlogo.gif">for
just being there</font>.</P> </font></b></FONT>
<div align="left">
<p><b><font face="Tempus Sans ITC"><IMG src="
http://www.users.nascr.net/~cwmdare/ls_both_blk.gif" >http://www.users.nascr.net/~cwmdare/ls_both_blk.gif"/><BR/>
<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
var num_strings = 13; //including a zero value string, the strings start at 1, arrays must start at 0
var string = new Array(num_strings + 1);
string[1]="Maaarge. Lookey the skunk made me smell. ";
string[2]="Me loose brain? That funny!";
string[4]="I didn't do it!";
string[5]="It was like that when I got here.";
string[6]="Eat my shorts!";
string[8]="Ohh. There's only one beer left and it's Bart's."
string[9]="Howdly, doodly neighbour.";
string[10]="Mmmmmmmmmmm. Doughnuts.";
string[11]="Doh!! Nuts!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Doughnuts.";
string[12]="Hi everybody!! My name's Dr Nick Riviera.";
string[13]="Hi, my name's Troy McLeur. You may have seen me on programs like So your dogs gay and Pets from beond the grave. ";
function rand_order() {
var order_value = -1;
while ((order_value < 0) || (order_value > num_strings) || (isNaN(order_value))) {
order_value = parseInt(Math.random() * (num_strings + 1));
return order_value;
document.write("Simpsons quote of the hour:<BR/>");
document.write("<FONT color=#ff0000>" + string[rand_order()] + "</FONT>");
<font size="-1" color="#FFFF00"><a href="http://www.h2g2.com/a151282" >http://www.h2g2.com/a151282">Click
here to have a look at some of Madmunk's photo's when we're all in a very
jolly mood.</a></font></font></b></p>
<b><font face="Tempus Sans ITC"><map name="The Thinkers">
<area shape="poly" coords="144,49,119,48,118,69,129,86,119,96,110,117,117,143,174,143,175,73,149,75,148,64,132,46" href="http://www.h2g2.com/a123913" >http://www.h2g2.com/a123913" alt="Saber">
<area shape="poly" coords="102,38,100,38,82,37,76,60,79,74,68,80,71,141,116,141,111,111,120,91,107,74,112,57,108,39,83,36" href="http://www.h2g2.com/u53422" >http://www.h2g2.com/u53422" alt="Bazooka">
<area shape="poly" coords="42,7,17,33,9,59,0,63,0,143,68,143,75,122,73,80,53,71,66,40,60,8,37,8" href="http://www.h2g2.com/u27618" >http://www.h2g2.com/u27618" alt="Madmunk">
<area shape="default" href="http://www.h2g2.com/a151282" >http://www.h2g2.com/a151282" alt="The Thinkers">
</map> </font></b>


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