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Subbing Zen and Pairing Socks

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Gnomon - time to move on

Hi Vestboy.

I've been given your "Zen and the Art of of Keeping Socks Paired" to sub-edit, which I'm doing at A87784573.

The entry is good, and I've only added links and made a few changes to the spelling etc. It has been suggested, though, that it needs a bit more Zen - you've only one reference to Zen in it. So I've made three changes to increase the Zen:

- I've added two paraphrases of Zen koans - one at the start and one in the section "What Can You Do?".

- I've paraphrased the Zen phrase "The Gateless Gate", using it in the header:

The Sockless Sock - Sock Pair Scramble

Are you happy with these changes, or do you think they detract from the Entry?

If you're happy with them, I can return the entry to the Editors. If not, let me know, I'll remove them and we can discuss some other way of increasing the Zen references.


Subbing Zen and Pairing Socks

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That's fine. Thanks smiley - cheers

Subbing Zen and Pairing Socks

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Gnomon - time to move on

Thank you, for taking the time to write it.

I've returned it to the Editors now.

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