The h2g2 guide to HOW TO QUIT SMOKING (if you can't do it cold turkey.) This is a brand new formula for serious quitters, recently discovered by me after 60 years of smoking, including 30 years of quitting. The first few items of the formula are standard and necessary, but not sufficient. It's the last few that are new, and really work to stop the craving. (1) The first action is to cut down on the strength of the cigarettes. I also switched to rolling my own because they are not so easily accessible, especially when driving. And I switched from full strength to medium, then mild, then extra mild. (2) Next, stop smoking in the house. [3) Then the car. (4) Then reduce the number of smokes a day. (5) Now start breaking the habit of smoking. Deny yourself the pleasure of lighting up and inhaling deeply when you have a cup of coffee. Or at any other favourite times of the day. That is, you are breaking the association. (6) This is the stage when many people have successfully quit. (7) But now we can get Nicotine Patches from the local chemist which have helped many more people quit, especially if they have been going through the above steps, because nicotine via the patches is only part of the cure. There's still the habit part. (8) Many of the people who have failed to quit in spite of everything so far, report that the stumbling block is when they have a beer after work or at a party. So this next step is for these failed quitters after they have finished with patches. It sounds tough, but it isn't. It's also very simple. Just continue to have one or two cigarettes with a drink or two after work, and continue not to smoke during the day. In my case it was very successful. Never once in seven months did I smoke before I came home from work, nor did I smoke during the day at other times. The good part was that I had no desire or sudden urge to smoke in the forbidden period. (9) Then one day I finally decided to go temporarily teetotal to see what would happen. Amazingly, nothing happened. I just didn't feel like a cigarette. And I haven't had a puff since, nor needed to. (10) After a few weeks I very carefully had a small drink, And next day, a larger one. But I needn't have worried, I've finally broken the nicotine/alcohol link, the last link in the chain. Here is the formula summarised: Cut down the strength of your cigarettes. Cut out smoking in the house. Then the car Cut down the number of cigarettes a day. Cut out smoking at your favourite times, like coffee breaks. Get on the patches. If they fail Continue not smoking during the day. But smoke one or two with a drink at night. Go teetotal, and quit!

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