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Jimi X

Murder you say.

Verry interesting...


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I'm feeling positively toroidicidal. smiley - smiley After breathing fresh sea air and eating fantastic fresh fish and vegetables on the Isles of Scilly all week, I need something *really* unhealthy.

*chugs down a glass of tar with a lard chaser*

Ah, that's better.


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Jimi X

I hope you evacuate that mess at home and not in the office loo. smiley - winkeye


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Oh, nice image. Thanks for that. smiley - biggrin

Actually, my metabolism knows good stuff when it sees it, so the lard'll go straight to my brain, and the tar straight to my toenails. Perfect.

Anyway, how's you? Long time no see. Work, you see, and lack of AIM. smiley - sadface


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h2g2 auto-messages


Who was that powerful, attractive man?


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Beats me.

(Just to save you the bother, of course...)


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Jimi X

Believe it or not, you've pressured me into doing some 'work' on my h2g2 University of Life project.

I've gotten in golf at two of the five courses I'm reviewing for the project. smiley - ok

I was planning to do a brief write-up on each hole as well as an intro to each course.

Here's a sample:

Do let me know if you think this one is on the right track.

smiley - cool

btw: Quit playing with those powerful inhouse tools and *do* something. smiley - winkeye


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Yeah - that entry looks cool. I understand it's such a drag to be forced to out and play golf - I can't apologise enough for pressing this upon you. smiley - biggrin

Unfortunately, my job description specifically requires me to play with the powerful tools. Life's just full of drags... Mind you, I also have to sort out the problems with Yahoo, which is about as powerful as a runt gnat, so I get both ends of the stick. smiley - sadface


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Jimi X

I wasn't sure that a hole-by-hole approach was OK, but when writing about a golf course what else is there? smiley - winkeye

As for Yahoo, I don't mind it too much - though navigating their forums in a bit hellish. smiley - devil

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