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It would appear...

...that I have a new job. smiley - biggrin

*leaps about like an idiot*

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Latest reply: Jun 15, 2001

Mac OS-X geek-out

This new UNIX-based operating system for the Mac is incredibly nice. I mean, really, really powerful and very attractive. We're talking Conan The Barbarian in a Chanel dress here...

I also persuaded Karen to let us swap laptops as hers was much more powerful than mine, and she really didn't need the speed (or the FireWire, DVD...) What a sweetie. I now have 384M of RAM on a 400MHz PowerBook. It's pretty sweet. *Thinks* How long will I have to wait until I can afford me one of those nice titanium G4 PowerBooks...?

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Latest reply: Apr 2, 2001

It's hard to believe...

...just how stupid some people are, even on this site. I mean don't get me wrong - most people here are simply excellent human beings, but some of them have truly lost - if they ever had it - the ability to form a rational argument. I've met several chickens that could out-manoeuvre some of these hysterical 'Big Brother censorship' comments...

This whole thing is an EXPERIMENT by the BBC to see how a community this size behaves, and how well it can police itself. They can't be seen to lead children to pornography or bad language in the same way that no-one can be seen to do that in a public forum. Sure, they'd love to let everyone have freedom to do and say what they want, but until the rest of the world is prepared to absolve itself of responsibility and accountability for what everyone else finds offensive, the BBC is not going to stick its head above the parapet to be shot off by the lawyers. I thought that was pretty obvious.

The upshot is that moderation only makes a difference to you if you're the kind of person that *needs* to swear or be otherwise unsociable to get the attention, respect or security you crave. It's sad, but some people can't work out how to *earn* respect, which is the only way it's ever delivered. If you have to be seen to ask for it, you've probably already forfeited it.

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Latest reply: Mar 14, 2001

The Big Day

Well, today's the day the new h2g2 site goes live.

Good luck everyone - it's going to be an interesting ride! smiley - biggrin

*takes some smiley - ale to cushion the impact*

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Latest reply: Mar 13, 2001

BBC site testing...

Just doing a spot of testing for the new BBC h2g2, which is pretty exciting.

Just testing to see if my journal works correctly...

Testing HTML (shouldn't work):
Here is some bold text.
Here is [URL Removed by moderator - hey Beeline today your moderator is Peta, not sure I should be adding chatty comments but hey, I can, so I will!] to

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