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Oh, how terribly dull of them.


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Jimi X

*bes disillusioned*


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What do you mean - it's the ultimate one-upmanship tactic!

Actually, I had to create a new user. Couldn't suddenly have 'beeline' getting changed into a God. Er... I mean Italic, could we. Everyone would want one. smiley - winkeye

283. Hmmmmm. I'll find something interesting about it that somehow relates to me. I mean if astrologers can find ways to relate planets to me, personally, every day, surely a single number can't be that hard.

IQ? Nah. Some kind of length measurement? Could be... smiley - smiley


Post 24

Jimi X

*finds micrometer in desk drawer*

You were saying... smiley - winkeye

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