The most important thing in the world- Me!

My former first paragraph was removed because it was a long ramble, and not too funny. I'll just tell you my name is Sridhar Ramesh and I have an ego that once ate New York. It took a weapon the size of my brain to catch it. They had to get someone who was half-as smart as me to design the weapon. Someone who had 2.5% of the natural charm and good looks that I do was killed. Oh, and, I am god. Ok now for the relatively ego-free statistics: Age: 14 Grade: 9 Country: USA, parents are Indians, grandparents are Indians, ancient ancestors are Indian monkeys. Food: Vegetarian, but, and I don't know why people even ask, I can eat dairy products and nut products. How could they possibly even be considered meat? I mean nuts grow on... well, I dunno what they grow on, but it's not a corpse, I know that much. (at this point, you could earn a warrant in Carmen Sandiego. Sadly, it's not enough in New York city, which is ok, because I don't even live in New York city.) Philosophy: Animal rights (if you can limit it to one) Woodchuck eating a tangerine?: No. SAT score: 1460, 800 Math, 660 Verbal (had to work that in) Fears: Dogs, heights, fear itself. Overall "goodness" (a measure of my worth compared to yours): 4. (The average human has an overall goodness of negative two.) Ok, that's enough, you know too much already. We can't have you spoiling my precious plans, like those meddling kids! This time I'll wear three layers of masks. Muahahahaha! Muahahaha! If you need to talk to me (and who doesn't? Life is not complete without having met me), I'll let you know that my e-mail address is [email protected], soon to change to [email protected] If you send a message I don't like, I'll simply block all messages from you and delete them. Nonviolent resistance, see? Just like that Gandhi fellow who I think I'm related to through the Indian monkeys. I think I'll just stop this profile suddenly and abru

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