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Hello From the ED!

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Hi TVF!! How are you diddling?
I just dropped in to see if you had anything going on the article front? It is a long time since we had a TVF article, although you got a rather nice mention from good old Shorty smiley - smiley
There is no rush, but please get in touch if you have a sudden burst of writers energy smiley - smiley
shazz smiley - winkeye

Hello From the ED!

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The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Hey there smiley - smiley

As you can tell by my lateness in replying, I've haven't been around as much lately. I also haven't been writing like I used to, partly because I haven't been around, and partly because I've started work on a piece of fiction unsuitable for h2g2. At any rate, I still have two articles left:

March Madness Basketball Tournament
It's been sub-edited for a few weeks, but seems to have gotten stuck.......

The Simpsons
It's notable for several reasons - it is one of the longer articles you'll see submitted, it's got a million footnotes (well 19 actually), it took me 10 weeks to finish, it burned me out on writing for a few weeks, it will be hell for whatever sub-ed gets it, and for some reason it appears to be the only serious article about The Simpsons on h2g2, despite the worldwide popularity of the show.

Shorty was very kind to mention the Cubs article, and I told him so smiley - smiley

What about you Shazz, how come you haven't submitted any articles?

Hello From the ED!

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smiley - smiley Nice to hear from you TVF smiley - smiley
I will pop over and have a look at the two articles you mention, if I may? The Basketball one sounds just right for inclusion in an edition of the Post!
Maybe you would agree to us running your Simpsons article as a serial??
They do seem to be quite popular with our readers! I would be more then happy to look through it and maybe suggest where *natural breaks* would be appropriate smiley - smiley
Me... submit articles?? I seem to be so busy chasing all the interesting people on h2g2 for their articles that I barely have time to write mine for the Post, let alone do something for the Guide! I, too, have been VERY busy of late, what with the move and everything, but I do hope to find the time in the future to write something more serious, yessmiley - smiley I know that Mark is keen for me to revamp the Pluto article, so that will probably be the first one I do!
I am pleased to say that everything I entered for the other category has found it's way into the Guide, however... I was especially pleased with my effort on *driving abroad*, where I wrote about driving in Egypt smiley - smiley
As I said before, there is absolutely NO pressure on you at all, it is just good sometimes to keep in touch and let past-contributors know that they are welcome back anytime smiley - smiley
See you at Frinks Drinks sometime... you will be pleased to know that The House of Relaxation is still making a fair profit LOL
shazzPRME smiley - winkeye

Hello From the ED!

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The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Lol indeed! Gotta pay those bills smiley - smiley

I'd be thrilled to have my Simpsons article run in the POST! Please feel free to take a look at it and chop it up however you see fit....

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