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Hi Frink!

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Gw7en, Voice of Chaos (Classic)

Just wanted to drop by and say hi. We were just talking about the Misfits at Lil's Atelier and commented that we hadn't seen you for a while.

Obviously, you are busy. Quite understandable. I know how RL can be. smiley - winkeye I just wanted to check in to see what was happening and how you were.

Drop me a line the next time you're here. smiley - smiley


Hi Frink!

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The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Hey there Gw7en, long time eh?

How are things with you? Is everyone you know safe after last weeks terrible events? All is fine with me.......

Sorry I missed this message when you posted it several months ago. I check back in here every great once in a while, but over time I've simply lost interest in h2g2. I've begun to direct my creative energies elsewhere, and I guess h2g2 just doesn't seem the same to me anymore.

But I can't quite seem to stay away forever smiley - smiley


Hi Frink!

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Gw7en, Voice of Chaos (Classic)

This place does tend to drag one back, doesn't it? No worries about missing my post earlier, btw. I just wanted to check in and see what was happening with you. smiley - smiley

Fortunately, everyone I know was safe last Tuesday. It didn't stop me from worrying - of course. But I was able to find out that everyone I knew back east were ok.

My big news is that I just bought a house. (!) smiley - bigeyes We're doing a lot of work on it still, but it really is ours now. I'm still a bit amazed about that.


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Hi Frink!

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