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I am returned...

So I was gone from H2G2 for something like a year. I used to be an's all so different now. Wow.

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Latest reply: Nov 16, 2001

Black leather trenchcoats and such

Well, it's been long enought since Columbine and they're still one of THE ultimate fashion statements, so I purchsed my first black leather trenchcoat yesterday. Really it's more in respect to the matrix than anything else. But it does that perfect swirly thing when I turn around...

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Latest reply: Sep 17, 2000

It's so quiet around here

H2G2 seems so quiet today. I've only had replies to a handful of forums. Where have all the researchers gone?

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Latest reply: Aug 28, 2000

I should write SOMETHING

I haven't written a journal entry in a long time. This is bad. I just saw the movie the Breakfast Club. I liked it. Did anyone else?

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Latest reply: Aug 15, 2000


I've returned to h2g2 after a 3 week absence and I have to say...the new color scheme scares me. It's so different...But it does feel good to finally be back.

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Latest reply: Jun 9, 2000

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