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arrrgh censor-fester

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I get back to my personal space to find that my new roomates adolph and benito have thrown all of my personal thoughts away because they do not meet the bbc's standards of friendly sunshine little house on the prairieness.
what the f**k (I'm doing their job for them) is up?
anyway it is great to be back even though my personal space is no longer cosy and inviting but instead cold and hard and with a pair fat stinky fascists living there.

arrrgh censor-fester

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I just stumbled in here to let Imaldris know about the Petition for Greater Freedom at h2g2 going live, and what do I stumble upon but a perfect recruiting opportunity.

Ac-1d, were you aware that THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELE-TUBBIED? I'm pretty certain you have the proper world-view to join the Zaphodistas and fight against the BBC's restrictions on h2g2. Or at least check out the petition at and consider signing it. (Signing the petition does not necessitate or imply membership in the Zaphodistas, so you'd still be safe if you wanted to keep your distance.)

arrrgh censor-fester

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I'd rather just rant thanks.
I will sign the petition but I have too many bakesales in my life for organised revolution. I prefer futile ranting...

arrrgh censor-fester

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Too many bakesales? Okay, but don't bake too much [email protected] in those brownies.

I'll settle for getting another signature on the petition. At this point, it's probably less important to join the zaps and more important to sign the petition.


arrrgh censor-fester

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you decorated the moderators!

"fat stinky facists!" it has a nice ring to it.

I shall trollop over to the petition ASAP.

smiley - devil

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