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You still with us?

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

Yo vegi, you still awake?

I can't find that new convo you had going off your Journal
because I can't log on to Alabaster - only Pliny is working
this morning and for some reason it doesn't show me your
Journal entries and convos at your homepage.

Going out for the day now, but will be checking out Pastey's
new GDML page building gadgets later on. I've been dying
to update my Homepage for a year but haven't dared to lose
it with all the changes and bugs I see people reporting.

It would be nice to rebuild it so newbies can actually see it
in Pliny.

Oh do wake up vegi, you're starting to frighten me with your
meaningful silence.

smiley - biggrin

You still with us?

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It is why I stick to Goo - it has less bugs than any other skin.

When up dating your page you can test it in other skins to see what it looks like.

As pliny is a kind of re-write of Bunel anything that works in brunel normally works in pliny and visa versa.

The editor Pastey made up, is not the best but at least it allows simple guideML to enhance your page.

Still around as I stated in the other thread.

If you want any help with your home space. just let me know but so many incompatible bugs between skins which makes it is almost impossible for them all to render properly. Personally, I have not bothered to make Pliny render correctly until it is more user friendly.

all the best

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