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Seven months later...

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Go-Go Girl

Hi Wowbagger,

Just noticed you were online, in pprobably my first visit since my baby was born on January 18th!!! (Girl, not only stunningly beautiful, but extremely advanced! Of course!!!

There seem to be a lot of changes around....

Must dash, can hear one of our dogs whining (in RL)....

Hope's all well with you and family!

GGG (Must change name - no longer suitable , don't you think..????

Seven months later...

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Lovely to hear from you.
Congratulations on your girl. I hope motherhood's all you'd hoped it was.

7 months is a nice time. How's she going? Is she sitting/crawling yet?

As for me, everything's fine in my world. The boy's almost 2 and a half and is very VERY cute (like you I'm biased). Bride's good too.
smiley - smiley

Seven months later...

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Go-Go Girl

..~seven weeks later~...I imagine you probably understand my delayed response to your last's obviuosly taken seven weeks for my baby to go to sleep again and give me enough time off to twiddle my thumbs (well before the advent of computers, and ergo..the internet, that is probably what I would have been doing smiley - winkeye

So Hello again! I can't believe your son is two and a half..I remember when he was born! Wasn't that yesterday???

Go-Go Child (Greebo's name for her) is now 8 months and sitting up, rolling around, dragging and bouncing, not yet crawling...I understand life heats up somewhat when they start crawling due to all the mischief they can engineer when one's back is turned!

~interlude~ I've just had my husband telling me I shouldn't be in chat rooms as they are full of weirdos smiley - laugh I tried to describe H2G2, 'Wowbagger' and his cartoons, but he is a complete stranger to H2G2..unfortunately he lacks the time to "twiddle his thumbs" , but how does one explain H2G2 to the uninitiated? Actually, you've done some cartoons on this in The Post I believe..I will find them and give them to him as a study aid!

Hope all is well Down Under!

smiley - smiley

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