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Stumbling in (life so far)

Hi. Saw the lights on and thought I'd pop in.

That's not entirely true.

I haven't visited h2g2 for quite some time and suddenly, for no apparent reason, I find myself back here. I really have no idea what made me think of revisiting (please don't interpret that as I don't like this place - love it - lots of good memories and friends come from here). Here I am though.

To explain my absense: It seemed okay to juggle everything in the past when it was just myself, the bride, the boy (now 5 1/2) and the cat, but when our brood increased by one (a lovely lad - at the time of writing this he's 20 months old) a little spring cleaning/reorganising of our lives was needed. Visiting h2g2 regularly was one of them. Unfortunately 'regularly' eventually turned into 'at all' and I disappeared - from here anyway.

I'm back to see how old friends are going (if they're still here) and to sight-see a bit. Time is still limited, so no cartoons I'm afraid.

Life is good. Hope you're all doing well.

smiley - cheers

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Tales of my death...

I was not dead. I'm not dead now. 'Twas merely resting.

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Heroes 2

And now Dudley Moore! smiley - cry

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Two of my greatest heroes died this week.
Chuck Jones and Spike Milligan.

smiley - sadface

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Home (not) ALONE

The bride is back at work and I'm looking after my boy for 10 weeks!

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