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The definitive smiles

 Hey, some frood has put together a user page of smiles.
Find it at:

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 Okay, so there's some way of getting this to appear using a few key strokes. Any ideas, anybody?

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244th celebration

Wow, 244 posts in 54 forums and some of those I've only said one thing in. I'm going to party like it's 1999. Oh, right, it is 1999, er, well, I'm going to party like, erm, well, oh never mind. 

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The Simpsons

 I like the Simpsons, but I would like to know what other people think of it, what's their favourite episode, etc. To get it started, I like the one where Homer accidentally skateboards into Springfield Gorge (although it's not my favourite). Now it's your turn....

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Day 1: Back in Leicester

 Well, here I am back in the middle of England.
Leicester, the place where I come to attend the institution of learning.
University is the reason I'm here, but why did I choose here? I think the reason
I used at the time of choosing was "I got a good feeling from the place". I
suppose that still stands, but in a different way from when I came to the open day.
I though that the course would be very informative, innovative and exciting. Instead
I find it boring and, quite possibly, a waste of time. Anybody thinking of Engineering
as a career move had better be ready for the mental torture of tedious lectures,
in which you are supposed to accumulate all the knowledge you need to get you through
the years. The excuse for my choice of course? "I will get shed loads of money
at the end of it." I made two fatal errors in this:

1. I need to actually complete three years of this before being allowed to write
four letters after my name and justify a huge salary.
2. I struggle with maths.
3. I actually want to have a social life.

It's a well known fact here in Leicester that only one other group of students has
it worse than engineers. The Medics. Not only do they have lectures all day every day,
but they also have to do extra EXTRA work in the evenings to get their degree AND they
have exams nearly every week. Engineers only get exams at the end of each semester and
are usually too busy down the pub to care about extra work, let alone the extra EXTRA
So, here's some advice to those thinking of becoming the future's hope of reaching
other habitable planets and advancing the computer at a pace only matched by the deployment
of bombs in the name of peace:

Take time to think about it carefully.

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