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Shopping in London

Okay, so I went to the meet yesterday yeah. Only I turned up an hour after the meet time (I like to do the fashionable thing). So after pushing through queues of fans (I thought the softball match was taking place in the arena at first!!) and not finding any people resembling a bunch of misfits, I went shopping. Strange how people going to a rock concert look normal when you're looking for a bunch of researchers.
I decided I needed a new squash raquet, my previous one having met with an unfortunate accident of hitting a wall hard. "So," I thought to myself, "I'll just mosey on down to Oxford Street and hit the SPORTS shops." Now call me crazy if you like, but surely sports shops should include maybe a few items of sporting equipment? Nooooo. Silly me. Clothes and trainers only. Sorry!
So to cheer myself up I went and bought a large number of DVDs from a certain purveyor of records, cds, games, videos and dvds. Still haven't got a raquet. Grrrr.

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Leaving? Am I?

Well, it's seems to be quite a while since I last "popped in" for a nosy around. I have to say, I'm not enjoying myself here as much as when I first arrived. The novelty has worn off. I find I'm talking less and less, no new ideas for items have occurred to me, and to cap it all off, I'm doing badly in my course.

Is this it then? Is this the end of JTWL? Do I leave? Answers on a postcard to: Jim the Wonder Llama, middle of the Sahara Desert.

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Eh? What's going on?

 Okay, so it's been a while since I last sat down and wrote a commentary on what I call "MyLife". "What's been going on?" You might well ask. And the short answer is "not a lot".

So you may want to know the long answer. Well, sit tight, children, it's time for an overgrown, and really quite tedious account of self pity and loathing. Since the end of the university year (way way way back in June for me) I have been succesfully employed twice (oh temping is great fun), been on a short holiday and I am currently neck deep in a pile of dung (or resits as most people call them).

My first job was working in an old people's home, cooking their evening meal and washing up their dirty plates. This was interesting as:
a) I've never really done this type of work before, and,
b) I was working alone.
Who in their right mind would employ someone like me to do that sort of job?

Anyway, job 2 was working for an independent insurance brokers. Being the temp, I was naturally given all the best jobs, company car, office to myself.....was I hell! I was just about lucky to get a computer for myself, and even then it was because I was doing data-entry, so I kind of needed it. I couldn't imagine doing data-entry as a lifetime occupation. This contract lasted five weeks.

So, eight weeks into my "holiday" I eventually get to go somewhere. So I decided on Ireland. Lovely country, lovely people, lovely drink, shame about all the holiday homes going up. I mean, it's as if someone has stuck a huge "For Sale" sign in the middle of County Clare. Bloody tourists.

Week nine, I'm back from my one week holiday, and straight into revision. Now it's week ten, and I wish I'd spent all of last year revising instead of drinking, socialising and generally having a good time.

On a more positive note, I can finally do a little spring cleaning around my "patch", update names, get rid of old messages, that sort of thing. Oh, yeah, and I've FINALLY had two rejections. They said my entries were too witty. Who am I to argue?

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 There's something strange going on in here at the moment. I was just transported to Derby's user page and I could have done some real damage to it. The other day the server thought I was in Nottingham. I wonder what's going on?

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Exam failure

 Boy, I'm depressed. I just went to look at the unofficial pass list and found I've failed 5 out of 6 modules this semester. That means I have eight resits in September. Don't pity me though, I only have myself to blame smiley - sadface

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