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hey freya

hows university life?? haven't heard from you in a while. hows the social life??

what are you reading just now for uni and does that leave you any time to read any thing for pleasure?

i've just re-read the da vinci code again. have you read it? historically it really is not very accurate but it is really good read. it goes along at a great pace. very disappointed that tom hanks is playing the lead cos i cant stand him.

have you seen any good films lately.

get back to me soon.



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Lt. Thrace (formerly Death of Rats and Rodent like humans)

films! now thats really an area of conversation you dont want to get me started on, i could be here for hours!

im good, but my stress levels are reaching optimum levels as i have a ton of stuff and essays to do for uni - which, incidentaly, im not doing - and i am perhaps starting to freak out a little. And as you can probably guess from that last statement, the social life is almost non-existent smiley - biggrin

but never mind, it will be fine when this semester is over. if i pass. ok ok, lets leave that subject there smiley - yikes

hmm, no, it doesnt leave a lot of time for pleasure reading, but all of the books on the course are generally good if you have a hankering for shakespeare and Donne and literature from the romantic era (which i do). since theres so much work to do, and since you still have to maintain a social life and do fun things to take youre mind off work, there isnt time for much else. But anyway, i love reading, literature is one of the main passions in my life and i always find a little time for it.

Im surprised at myself, ive actually managed to refrain from reding the da vinci code. its just because it gained so much popularity i think, and i didnt want to read it because i didnt feel that it would live up to all the hype, scared that it was just given so much publicity because of the controversial nature of the book. i probably should, is it any good? he he, and yeah, i'd probably end up schreeching loudly at the book "that fact isnt historically accurate" or, like with i was with the film Braveheart "you just added that love interest to please the ladies!" "dont you know that william wallace was a shmuck? i demand that the director be sacked!" (i can get quite passonate lol)

i have seen a few goos films as it happens. i watched batman begins with my flatmates late at night before i went to bed on thurday. this was followed by star wars the phanom menace which i suppose restored the -Amazingly and spectacularly good/ so terrible i feel like chewing off my own foot- balance smiley - laugh

how about yourself? and are you at school/colledge/uni?


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Lt. Thrace (formerly Death of Rats and Rodent like humans)

oh, and right now im reading Donne's sonnets. and a pratchett novel thats not really part of the course *ahem* smiley - biggrin


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hi again,

you really should read the da vinci code, its a cracking good read.smiley - smiley you need to suspend a bit of belief if you are good at history, according to most people i have spoken to.smiley - erm i really enjoyed the book and will get round to reading some more of his stuff as soon as i get round to it.

what are you doing over christmas.smiley - bubbly are you going to have a quiet time or have you got non stop parties?smiley - cool what have you and your flat mates got planned.

i dont have a clue what i am doing.(nothing new there thensmiley - winkeye)probably just play it by ear and leave it to the last minute.

recommend me something good to read over the christmas period, but not shakespeare, i find him too difficult to readsmiley - wahbut i enjoy the productions. something a bit more contempory if possible.smiley - smiley

know this is a busytime so best of luck if you have exams and if we dont speak before - have a nice christmassmiley - hug


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Lt. Thrace (formerly Death of Rats and Rodent like humans)

hi there! didnt really have much planned for christmas, i stayed with my parents and got driven crazy by my younger brotherssmiley - erm. ive been staying with my boyfriend a lot recently because my flat is so huge and empty! the flatmates have gone home til january smiley - sadface. im just having fun and keeping myself occupied. oh, and ive been working weekends at that magical place of toys r us lol.

as for books, try the terry pratchett tiffany trilogy: the wee free men, a hat full of sky and wintersmith, their faboulous reads if you havent read them already. anyway, hope you had a good christmas morgannalfrey smiley - biggrinsmiley - magic

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