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Time Travelling Cabbage.

Why? Because i am having a random day today. smiley - biggrin

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Latest reply: Oct 9, 2006

1.groan 2. (?) 3. oh. 4. aaarrgh!!!

the four stages of the hangover.

smiley - hangoversmiley - hangoversmiley - hangoversmiley - hangoversmiley - hangoversmiley - hangoversmiley - hangover

Number one. the "i have just completed the ardous process of opening my eyes (they have been stuck toghether with some strange glue-like substance) and have found, after careful and thoughtful investigation, that my tongue feels as though it is made from sandpaper and someone is indeed attempting to pickle my brain for some obscure but vey painful and torturous purpose." this experience merits a groan, a gggrrrooooaaan or aven a GRRRROOOOOAAAANN!! depending on how much alchohol said subject has consumed the night before. the above activity takes place within the time frame of about 1-2.5 seconds. isnt the human brain amazing?

number two. the (?). translation: "where am i". this could possibly be extanded to incorporate other various intended meanings, such as "where is my -partner/head/underwear/wallet/purse or home town(if it was a *really* good night out)." following the (?) the subject will usually be able to adequately surmise where and/or what she he or it is. (usually).

number three. "oh". the subject has successfully worked out exactly where and what he, she, or it is. now the brain begins to explore the deep reccesses of the human memory in order to peice together the facts of exactly how said suject has ended up in subjects current painful condition. the brain will, in most cases, perform this check automatically, with the subjects' knowledge, but not its' control. if the subject is lucky, the alchohol consumed in previous time period (A) reacts against the tissue and cellular components of the brain (C) and will
result in (X), 'complete loss of memory'.
if the subject is unlucky, which is usually the case, fragments of memory will vey gradually come flooding back, and the full picture, or memory, of last nights events will eventually assert itself (with all the metaphorical likeness of a particularly difficult jigsaw). But if subject is lucky, subject will not remember.

number four. "aaarrgh!!!". you remembered.

smiley - hangoversmiley - hangoversmiley - hangoversmiley - hangoversmiley - hangoversmiley - hangoversmiley - hangover

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Latest reply: May 15, 2006

hee hee

just got back from the theatre society yesterday, what a hoot! it was jan packed full of overly happy, enthusiastically, blonde and chirpy peole who broke onto either song or applause every two minutes. when the announcement that "hairy dave" would be given the part of victor frankentien in the upcoming play this saturday came over, everyone broke into tumultous applause punctuated by giggling and much whistling. i, of course, was sitting in the far corner with raised eyebrows, grinning evilly over my malibu and cigarrete smiley - evilgrin

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cant think straight...

ive got this essay due for tommorow and i just cant seem to think properly,smiley - erm been in a state of drunken lethergy all weekendsmiley - alesmiley - bubblyoh wellim sure it will all be oksmiley - biggrin now if i could just finish this damn essaysmiley - mouse

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