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Hope you do not mind me saying hi to you, I always ask ED if he has heard from you, I have not been on H2G2 long but I heard about all the trouble that was going on here. when our daughter had her baby last sept, he used to talk to you about her, in the Hard Labour, and I felt as though I knew you too.

I also like ten pin bowling, we will be taking three of the eldest grandchildren soon, as they like playing too.

I do a lot of knitting, but our daughter M, when she has time does the cross stitching.

Please feel free to call by anytime you are passing

VK smiley - smiley

Hi Maz

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Nice to get your note. How is your daughter and her baby getting on?

I go 10 pin bowling 4 times a week ( once on Wednesday and 3 times on Friday) I belong to 4 leagues. My average is about 165 - it has been sitting on that for about a year now.

I used to knit a lot - when the children were young. Over the past few years I only seem to knit for nieces when they have babies!!
I have been busy with cross-stitch baby cot quilts this past year. 2 of my nieces have had babies since xmas so that has kept me busy. (like I don't have enough to do!!!)

How many grandchildren do you have? I have been told I have to be content with Speedbump the cat!! She belongs to my son and his wife. My eldest daughter is married but she wants to go and live in England for a while befor having children. Mind you, she is already 31 so I hope she doesn't leave it to long!!

Sorry, I am rambling. It is 1130pm here and I have been home from work for about an hour and I really should be off to bed!!

Talk to you later

Maz smiley - smiley

ps Love yor homepage. Did you do it yourself? Very clever.

Hi Maz

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Hi Maz

Daughter getting on well, considering she has three little ones to look after now, baby is developing very well, he is now 6 1/2 months, and has been sitting up on his own for a little while, he is a bonny baby, and the other two boys love him, and he them, as he is always trying to get to them, if they go close. I do not think it will be long before he tries to crawl, he is always chattering to himself and his main word is dad.

You certainly have a hectic time with your job, your 10 pin bowling leagues, cross-stitching and finding time for H2G2, I bet you are shattered quite a bit of the time?.

Ed and I have not been 10 pin bowling for a long time, as we both have neck problems and myself a back problem also, so it got a little painfull, my daughter M and her family went bowling today, as her oldest two love to play the game,the oldest boy is 6 1/2 and the middle son was 4 on the 3rd of Aril.

I have 6 grandchildren, 4 boys and two girls, the oldest is a granddaughter she is 7, then two of my daughters boys, my sons son who is 3 1/2 his daughter who is 2 1/2, and my daughters baby.

Where abouts in England would your daughter like to live?.

Do you work shifts, or set hours?. It must be a very hard but rewarding job you do?.

My homepage thank you, I chose what and how I wanted it to look, and ED showed me how to do it, I just would not have known how or where to start, he has been helping others as well, especially mustard seed, and now she also helps others, her page looks really good.

BFN VK smiley - smiley

Hi Maz

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Hi, VK
Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. It has been frantically busy at work and I must admit to being rather tired!! I have decided to not do any 'extras' for the next couple of weeks and have a rest. We have 14 babies at the moment (at least that was what we had when I left last night!). They range from very sick through to almost ready for home. the babies are easy to cope with but of course we also have to cope with their parents. Some of the parents are rather high maintenance!! The nursery is quite small. The babies fit in well, but when we gets heaps of parents and some of them bring in visitors as well, it gets very crowded. Of course when we have 14 babies we have 3 staff. That makes for lots of people - it would be very interesting if we had an emergency smiley - smiley

Back on the homefront daugter 21(T) and her fiance got home from their holiday in Queensland last night and I haven't seen them yet! It is 11.30am here .They must have had a good time to arrive home this tired!!!smiley - biggrin

Daughter19(J) is back at uni after the Easter break. She has also recently changed her part time job at a juice bar to 2 jobs. One 3 days with a giftware shop and the other 2 days at a handbag shop. Not sure when she thinks she will do her uni work.

We have had heaps of rain over the last couple of days. Enough to make the groung soft. Some areas of Victoria have had the most rain for their region since 1998. It is misting at the moment. today is Anzac day in Oz (remembering the soldiers from the World Wars) and the are having a damp city march to the Shrine of remembrance. It must have been cold at the dawn service!

Well I had better go and eat some lunch and then get ready for work. Wonder what new dramas can happen today smiley - smiley



Hi Maz

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Hello Maz smiley - smiley

Your weather sounds like ours at the moment, we have rain and it has gone cold again, Saturday and Sunday it was like summer, lovely and warm, people walking about with tee shirts or short tops on.

You do sound as though you could do with some relaxation after all that work, Hope your bowling helps.

Daughter (M's) little one had his hearing test today, (Wed) everything is ok, we thought it would be, he is also 22lb now.

Hope your daughter and Fiance had a good holiday?.

BFN VK smiley - smiley

Hi Maz

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Hello Maz.smiley - smiley

Noticed you were on line, thought I would drop by and say Hi. Hope you are keeping well and not too busy. I see your weather does not sound too good, it is 7.30am here it looks as though the sun is going to come out, and they have forcast us a pleasant week-end, we can only hope.


Hi Maz

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Hi VK, sorry I haven't posted to you for a while.

The taxman has been nagging us - I hadn't done our company books for the last 15 months (they are supposed to be done every 3 months for GST purposes) so I have been madly trying to catch up. Well it is all with the accountant now and all we can do is wait and see how much the bill is going to be!!! The next challenge will be keeping up with it now.

Miss 19 is in her first Calisthenics competition today. We have been making costumes for weeks now. I am now quite proficient at makung Leotards from scratch and have even learnt to use the rolled Hem foot on my sewing machine!! Fortunately we already knew how to sequin smiley - smiley

I have decided that I need to join the local Gym. I lost 7 kilos in the first 4 months of the year but have managed to put 4 back on already. Drastic measures are now needed!!

Well, I had better go and get ready for work. Only this next week to work and then I have 2 weeks off. Might try and talk Hubby into taking me up to the snow for a couple of days - or even a day trip. There are a couple of places within a couple of hours that are good for sight-seeing.

Bye, Maz

Hi Maz

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Hi Maz

Sorry it has taken so long to reply, grandchildren have been off school for six weeks and I have been helping my daughter to keep her three boys occupied, eldest goes back today, middle one tomorrow for the first time at the moment he is looking forward to it.

Glad you have managed to get up to date with your books, it's a long time since I have had to do anything like that.

I hope your daughter did well in her competition.

How is your weight loss going, and have you joined the gym? I need to loose weight off my stomach, but I just cannot give up the chocolate and sweets. A couple of years ago I started going to a Rosemary Connley class with my daughter, I do not know if you have heard of her, but you have to buy food with 4 or less grams of fat per 100 gramm weight and eat so many calories per day, plus do exercises, I still try to keep to the 4 gramms of fat with everything else but as I say I still eat chocolate, I have not been to the classes since we moved house, I have her video so I can still do them at home but it is not the same as being in a class.

I hope you had a nice break from work, did you manage to get to see the snow.

I am now going to go and catch the train over to my daughters.

Best wishes VK smiley - smiley

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Hi Maz

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