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Many Happy Returns

Wow - the big return to H2G2. It has been 7 years - how time has flown.
In those years I have been to UK (inc Scotland and Ireland) twice. My eldest daughter has moved to Ireland and now Scotland to live and love!! My son has built up a successful Archery supply business. No.2 daughter has married, divorced and made me a very proud Grandma with her new partner and my youngest daughter has married this year.

As a member of Mensa Australia I have become the Membership Secretary/Vice chairman for the 2nd time.

Along with working 3 nights a week - busy, busy!!!!

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Well, THE BIG TRIP is coming together. We are leaving Melbourne on May 25 at 0015 hrs and arrive Heathrow at 1510hrs after flying for 21hrs and 20mins with a break in Kuala Lumpur for 2.5 hours.
On arrival in London we proceed to Camelot House Hotel in Marble Arch where we will stay for a week. The location oif the hotel looks pretty good, just hope the hotel itself is OK.
June 1st we drive to Norfolk where we will stay for 5 days at an 'Organic Holidays' property. We don't actually have the full address for this place yet, but we know the brother of the woman who runs it and I don't think there will be any problems.
The web site for organic holidays looks very interesting and we will hopefullly be able to utilise them in other parts of the UK.
The Spain part of the trip will be organised when we get to England. Well the flights to Madrid will be - I would like to have the accommodation sorted before leaving home!!

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year to all.
All of our children and their partners came over for our Christmas breakfast this morning. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, scones, lots of fruit and fruitjuice followed by present giving. We had a lovely time and now they have all gone on to their partners families for the afternoon. Works really well for us. Hubby is having a little afternoon nap smiley - smiley
The weather is just perfect - sunshine, gentle breeze and 26C

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Back they come!

Over the past few months we have been doing some renovations to our house. We have painted throughout - a lovely very pale lime with 'apple pie' woodwork,cornices etc. We have put in 3 new sliding doors and a new front door. We also decided to knock down a wall between what were the 2 back bedrooms making one room measuring 12foot x 21 feet. The long term plan is to put an ensuite bathroom and a 'walk-in' wardrobe into this area and make it the master bedroom. Meanwhile the youngest daughter (the only one left at home) would use it as her room. Good Plan so far! This week the next daughter up and her fiancee decided that it would be a great idea if they came home for a year to save for their own place. The new room is just perfect - they can fit in their bed, a wall unit with the TV and Playstation, a 2 seater couch, coffee table and I don't know what else! Now 'youngest' has to use what was to be my study/library.
Oh well - as they say 'best laid plans of mice and men.............'

The irony is that only 2 weeks ago I was bragging to friends that when my kids left home they stayed left!!!!!

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Just got home from 6 days in Queenslandsmiley - smiley It is a 2hour direct flight to Brisbane and then a 1.5hour drive to my sisters place on the Sunshine Coast. A very pleasant time was had by all. We went whale watching (thanks Helly!) on Friday. Unfortunately the weather was rather cold and wet but we got to see heaps of whales. The hi-lite was when 2 young ones decided to play with us and were swimming around and under our boat. They even came right up to the side of the boat and raised their heads to almost touch our hands - FANTASTIC!!!smiley - wow
The rest of the time the weather was almost perfect (about 23C!) and we just lazed around.
Oh well now we are back to reality and it's work tomorrow smiley - yuk

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