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You're name on the "Who's Online" list interested me since I adore the name Andrea and I don't know many people who have that name.

Uh, yes. Anyways, welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay!
(I too, have a Playstation 1, and it's barely working and I've had to repair and clean it several times, and it's getting rather annoying attend to. Although, I had bought it off a friend who has had it for many, many years, for $20 (Dollars) and had gave me some games with it so it all turned out wonderful in the end.)

Oops! I'm rambling again, excuse me. ^_^


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Uh, that's suppose to start out as "I saw your"
I wonder what happend to my post!? *Shrugs*

Perhaps I'm just tired because I've just woke up.

Hey there IceSage

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It's nice to hear from you. Why do you like the name Andrea so much? Do/did you have any friends named Andrea? I love my PS1 with a passion and my husband Ray hates it - he's always threatening to throw it out the window! What games are you playing at the mo? I'm working through Crash Warped and am nearly at the end but am having some trouble with the bloody gems and I'm stuck - I'm also playing Tomb Raider 3 but although my PS1 is pretty new, it doesn't upload very well and gets stuck when I'm at the end of level 1 - v frustrating.

Anyway, nice to meet you Ice, talk to you soon.


Hey there IceSage

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Your husband probably hates it because most people who aren't the "youth" these days look at it as an annoyance if they don't play it themselves.

I like the name "Andrea" because it think it's a beautiful name, it's one of my favorite female names along with the name "Heather." I'm not really, nor have I been friends with anyone with that name however.

Hmm, what games am I playing at the moment? Well, this game that seemed to be popular in japan at one time, has a great storyline, but really bad graphics aside from the "Anime-like" cutscene animations. The name of it is "The Granstream Saga."
I've also been playing for the 3rd time around, a game called "Chrono Cross," a sequal to one of the greatest "RPG" style games ever made called "Chrono Trigger." I highly recommend if you're into playing games, you play Chrono Trigger. (It was once a game for the old system Super Nintendo [SNES] however the one for Playstation has better graphics and animated cutscenes.)

Heh, I think a rambled on a bit about video games, considering I'm from a generation that grew up with them I know a quite a bit.

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