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I am nearly lost and wanted to thank two of you for your warm welcome. I think I replied to myself at first. I admit that I am not computer literate. I will find my way in this place yet. It seems a good place to go for me. Thankyou for your welcome. Also I want to thank Malabastre(?) And say, What a wonderful colorful page you have made.
You both are creative. I am afraid that I am out of my element but someday will make a nice place like the ones you two have made.
J. Redbear

Proper place for a reply to a reply to a post?

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Moving On

You're more than welcomesmiley - smiley

The "threads" are confusing to start with; at least, I thought so, because when I started here I wasn't computor literate, either. Six years on and I wonder even ow if I could claim to be!

("threads" are the conversations)

You didn't reply to yourself, honestly. Because I have contributed to a conversation, the name of the thread now shows up on my home page, and if anyone adds to them, the title of the thread lets me know they have - so I just left click on the thread and read the response....

Replying "here" on my page, or on the original conversation is fine. Whichever one is the easiest for you.

Believe me, all of a sudden, the working of the site will all click into place and make sense for you - I found the first couple of weeks the most confusing.

I'm not sure if I could be called "creative" really, not like Mala, anyway, who's a really talented artist, and can do clever things with computor language and make her page look so good. I play around with words and write poetry and the occasional short story sometimes, as a hobby, but that's about it.

Having said that, I seem to have spent the last 3 or so weeks helping my sons prepare and paint all the woodwork in our 3 story flat in readiness for a new stair way and landing carpet to be laid (finally!) tomorrow. Its not really artisitic...but it does involve paint, anyway!

Proper place for a reply to a reply to a post?

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Thanks ! You're too kind. I will place your note on my favoprites page to refer to when I am trying to wander about.

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Proper place for a reply to a reply to a post?

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