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Hi! I came because you said you were listening to the Producers, i love musicals...As stated(I was the person above you)I'm listening to Rent, do you like Rent? Auch, spreche ich keine deustch. I love animals and am a vegetarian too. I'm also taking calculus, but I don't suck at math! (I stick at it...EEP!) I wish my school had cermacis, I do them on my own. I love art/theatre AND READING... Oh yeah, I'm also in the us.. Okay, enough! Bye!


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*glances up, shakes head* That was 'stink' not 'stick'


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chickadee (wheee!)

hehee ... yup, mathi is evil, but i at least have a good teacher. crappy typers unite!

hiya, btw. *waves*

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