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anybody else ever notice how life is really boring and dull for a few weeks, and you've got all teh tiem in the world, and tehn suddenly there's a million things happening all at once? well, i had two weeks of summer break with nothing goign on, relaxed, got cought up on sleep, and everyone else was out of town. now suddenly i've got two big birthday parties in one weekend, a bunch of sewing (renaissance fair costumes, so at least it's fun) and swim teams starts again tomorrow, and school is starting on thursday and i have to get ready for that, and then next weekend i'll have to do all my homework sunday night cos we're going to seattle, then the weekend after that is ren fair ... i'm not getting bored anytime soon. but then there's the moments of boring quietness and waiting around inthe middle of these insane bits ... life is so weird.

sorry, no real point to all that. but i feel better now.

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i just saw the hunted and it's the stupidest movie ever, they completely screwed up my city *sniff* oh well, at least it was fun to laugh at. like, at one point the police chief guy says that the criminal guy (this movie sooo did not make sense) in on the riverfront construction site, but ha! everyone here says waterfront about that area. and then they had the lady the killer stayed with saying aint all the time, but absolutely no one says that. and when he jumps off teh bridge, the next shot shows a helicopter going towards a bridge that's actually upstream from that bridge. stupid, sputid, stupid! but seeing local landmarks was kinda cool, like reading one flew over the cuckoo's nest (truly excellent book). they filmed the "british columbia" part on mt. hood, and it was really obvious to us. aaahhh, i feel much better. thank you for coming ladies and gentleman. *bows*

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question of the day

should i dye my hair pink? smiley - diva

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