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Wot appened to the owl?

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Where are you? smiley - huh

You're missing out on all the fun new smileys!

smiley - blacksheep

Wot appened to the owl?

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Nitina the Pig (see my new personal space!)

Hi Jodan

This is OwlofDoom's wife (also a member at h2g2). I was looking at something on Owl's space when I came across your message and thought I'd put you out of your curiosity.

Owl is not online so much anymore because he has started work. He's been working for 2 months now and before that he was still a university student, hence all the free time he had and could spend some of it posting messages in h2g2.

Neither of us are actively online these days. You'll be lucky if you catch ussmiley - smiley

New changes look good anyway!

Nitina the Pig.

Wot appened to the owl?

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I'm back(ish)!

Although, as Nitina says, I've not got the free time I used to have, so I shan't be on nearly as much as I have been in the past.

I should be able to get back into Guruing and Sub-Editing (slowly) soonish...

And to make up for missing out on the new smileys (of which is not one)...

smiley - applausesmiley - booksmiley - bravesmiley - brokenheartsmiley - cidersmiley - dontpanicsmiley - envysmiley - evilgrinsmiley - footinmouthsmiley - goodlucksmiley - roflsmiley - somersault

~ smiley - towel

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Wot appened to the owl?

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