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I'm back (ish)!

After a very extended break, including a new job, a big fat greek wedding and an amazing honeymoon in Thailand, I have decided to return to the Guide, now very happily married PROPERLY and brown from the holiday.

I don't have the free time I used to have though, as there's nothing remotely studenty about my life now. I'm not planning to get back into the volunteer schemes immediately, but I'm not abandoning them altogether...

Sorry to see most of the editors go, but I can understand the BBC has other more important uses for them and I'm really glad they didn't pull the plug on h2 altogether.

I appear to have survived SSO and the new smileys look good too - still a distinct lack of an smiley though...

See you all around!
~ smiley - towel OwlofDoom

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OwlofDoom/Nitina wedding pics ... at last!

Thought this warranted a new journal entry:

The pictures my mum took at our legal wedding ceremony on May 17th (almost a month ago smiley - erm) have finally landed in our flat on PhotoCD and the most significant have promptly been uploaded to the OwlofDoom website.

Click the above link if you're interested! smiley - boingsmiley - wowsmiley - boing

~ smiley - towel OwlofDoom

PS Apologies to digibox users - there's not much I can do to let you see them. smiley - sadface

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"You're my wife now!" or, How OwlofDoom and Nitina got married

I don't usually use this journal for personal entries, but this one's a biggie.

Nitina and I got married yesterday! smiley - boingsmiley - boingsmiley - boing

See for the full story!

~ smiley - towel OwlofDoom

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Sub-Editordom at last!

After my application getting lost, and then Anna having to take some time off, my emails not working etc etc etc etc, I'm now a Sub-Editor!

Good timing too, as my entry on Talkers (A1010106) is headed for the Front Page any day soon too!

smiley - boing

~ smiley - towel

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I'm a guru!

After several weeks of wibbling around in the volunteer pages and smiley - grovelling to Mina, I am now a guru! smiley - bubbly

I suppose I'd better start updating my personal space to make it more guru-like, then... smiley - biggrin

~ smiley - zensmiley - towel

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