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I like it

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I just had a look at your web page smiley - biggrin

Very nice smiley - magic

One of the best I have seen upto yet smiley - ok

I have started a web page smiley - blush

I don't know what I am doing yet so it is crap smiley - blush

manda smiley - peacedove

I like it

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Thanks very much, manda!

I'm working (albeit slowly, what with the wedding and new job) on a brand new website for myself, which will be content driven (much like h2g2 itself) and should be very interesting. In the meantime, my current website gets further and further out of date...

If you need any help with website things, I'm always happy to help.

My first bit of advice would be to learn CSS. It will save you many months of work when it comes to applying a look to your page. The old-style HTML style information (as in GuideML) is very fiddly and not all in one place (try doing a whole page in Arial without using CSS, and you'll see what I mean). Best simple CSS tutorial I know is at ... actually, that whole site is pretty good for learning tips and tricks to make the website generation process that little bit easier.

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing it!

~ smiley - towel

I like it

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Thanks for your offer of help, I may take you up on that later, or just be asking for advice smiley - ok

I have had a look at that CSS site, it looks good, I think I will be useing that a lot

I look forward to seeing your new site, it should be interesting smiley - winkeye

manda smiley - peacedove

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I like it

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