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Hiya Vicki,
I have been trying to get Leo to add a brief note about heating to the Operating a Swimming Pool thread ( but I get the distionct impression that the author is reluctant to add it! All I really wanted was to acknowlege that most pools will need heating if you are to extend their use into cooler seasons and that there are two basic types; direct heating and heat exchangers. All that I know is written below:

"My pool has a heat exchanger, it works on the same principles as a refrigerator and is quite economical to run. Yesterday the pool temperature was 36 Celcius, which is just about right for me, but it could go higher!!

There are also other heaters (gas or electric) which physically heat the water, but I think they are more suited to indoor pools that require winter heating.

Using a heat exchanger; I can extend it's use from about March/April until September/October. That's six months use. Without it, I'd be lucky to get three I think.

Unless you live in warmer climes (I'm in the UK) or the pool is indoors or don't care if you don't use it much; you need heating.

There are two basic types; those that heat the water by means of electricity or gas and those that remove the heat from the atmosphere (heat exchangers) a bit like a refrigerator."

Are you able to remedy the situation?

Swimming Pools

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Vicki Virago - Proud Mother

Leave it with me and I'll see what I can do for you.

I'll need to speak to the author about a possible way of wording this. I will need his approval. smiley - smiley

I will make sure there is something in there about heaters for swimming pools, but I can't guarantee how long it will be, or how indepth a commnt.

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