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Nana Sitting

Hi all, it's Summer Jade here.

At the moment I thought I would just let you know that I am Nana (Lil) sitting. I have her well trained already. She is in the middle of feeding me and winding me although mummy (VV) changed bit chitty bottie.

I'm looking after Nana whilst my mummy has a good nights sleep. Bless her, she does sleep a lot you know.

I have a whole load of tricks to play on Nana smiley - evilgrin all of which I am sure Nana will have great delight in telling you when she gets back online tomorrow afternoon (after she has had a long snooze and I've been to see my Great Granddad for the first time).

Anyway. My news...I got weighed by the Health Visitor on Wednesday and it turns out I'm a bit of a fatty! I weight 6lb 10.5oz when I was born and on Wednesday (11 days old) and I'm now 7lb 8oz!!! What a fatty I am! smiley - angel

Right. I've had my food now and Nana has winded me so I'm off for a sleep now.

Night Night smiley - love

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4 hours of screaming

No matter what I did last night Summer screamed for 4 hours last night.

First it was wind, got that sorted. Then she was sick - Lots. One change of clothes and nappy change.

2 hours later she wanted feeding again but I hadn't set up the steriliser so had to put up with the screams and fidgets whilst the bottles were sterilised and then having to wait for the feed to cool down.

Even after feeding her again she started to scream. I tried everything. Picking her up, leaving her, swaddling her, the dreaded dummy, singing to her (which does usually put her to sleep). In the end I decided I couldn't cope on my own so made my way up the stairs. I got to the landing and was just about to wake Neal up when, and you guessed it, she shut up.

She woke me up at 8am this morning a little grizzly so I set to in sorting out a meal for her then whilst that was cooling, sorted out her nappy. Oh my God! It was so heavy with wee! I have never seen such a full nappy before. I took her nappy off and decided to see if she would tolerate being bare bottomed for a short while. She didn't. Off she went. The screaming went to a whole new level and she decided to have another wee which went on to her sleep suit so had to set to in cleaning that up, undressing and re-dressing her to which she most definitely stated her objections.

Just getting the poppers sorted on her sleep suit when Super Dad appeared. He came over, gave me a kiss, picked up baby an sat down to feed her.

He took one look at me and said bed. I wasn't going to argue. I've only just got up to find Neal, Summer and Els (Neal's eldest) have all gone out and I have a deserted house. smiley - zen

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VV and her painful "chest"

OMG. This baby does NOT like sleeping!

Am on night shift again tonight as we have yet to establish a proper routine. Am sure it will come in time.

Me on the other hand am in absolute agony. I decided I would try and breast feed but after a few faltering steps unfortunately I wasn't able to.

I went to the doctors yesterday due to the pains in my boobs. I had been suffering this for a couple of days and I wanted to see if they could give me something to stop the milk production and ease the pains.

I had a young female doctor (not that young but young enough) who examined me. Mastitis she said. I think its mastitis but your breast implants will exacerbate the issue. I looked her squarely in the eye and said I don't have breast implants. The look of shock on her face was a picture!

She rushed out the room to go get assistance from another more senior doctor. The older female doctor came in, took one look at me. Mastitis she said. Apparently the worst case of it she has seen in a very long time.

I am now on antibiotics in an attempt to get the mastitis under control but there is nothing they can give me to help stop the flow of milk therefore I have to cope with the constant aching in the hope the production of milk stops.

So there you have it. VV and her painful chest.

Oh, anyone got any tips on getting a grumpy bum baby to sleep? smiley - yawn

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Vicki Virago names her baby

After much deliberation and changing of minds myself and Neal have named the new addition to the hootoo family.

Her name is Summer Jade. She will be given Neal's surname as an acknowledgment that he is her dad but for obvious reasons won't be posting her surname on here.

At the moment she seems to want to feed constantly so tonight I am on the night shift as I was last night. Mumsie was most kind in coming round to look after Summer today so I could get my head down as Neal had a few errands to run. Thank you mumsie!!!

So there you have it, Summer is here! smiley - tongueincheek

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Ouch. oooh. Ouch

The bigger Wriggles Junior is growing, the more "pressure" she's putting on my cervix (too much information I know but no apologies...).

WJ has just stretched out inside me, shoving (I believe) her head downwards and her bottom upwards causing me to make some rather loud cursing noises to which makes me think that she thinks her name is the rude word for a female dog, if you catch my drift.

When tomorrow comes I will be 4 weeks to my "due date". I finished work on Friday and set to today building the nursing chair and re-arranging the clothes we have for her.

The next thing I have to do is get the cot bed from mum and dads house and get that built but there's no rush right now as my wonderful sister has bought us a most beautiful crib for the baby.

Note to Andrea. (not someone on here). This baby may not have been "planned" but don't you dare intimate that she will not be wanted or any less important than anyone else's child (least of all yours - this baby's half sister), as she is well wanted and will be well loved.

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