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Happy birthday!!

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Alsieboo, Robert Rankin fan member, A2120617

Hope you enjoyed your 16th, many belated happy returns smiley - smiley

Happy birthday!!

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Keseral - lost...

oh thankyou very much! smiley - biggrinsmiley - ta you'll never guess what I got... a laptop! smiley - boing oh, and a lava lamp. its all terribly exiting

I was on one of my strange woodland camps again which ended at 4pm on the 25th, so I got 2 birthday cakes! one from flow and romilly, the other my mum made!

other random pieces of news:

kerry is back in didcot and has been for about 6 moths or so. living with her dad. Iwona is back too, remarried and pregnant (or with baby.. not sure which) I only heard a couple of weeks ago, when lizzys mum met them in sainsburys.

I have repainted my room, blue and purple, with my old pink carpet, it looks terribly girly! smiley - yikes

Its raining.

I have a very small black (computer) mouse.

lizzy is f***i-- ahem. lizzy is err, going out with every guy she can see, left, right, up, down... and centre.

lizzy has snogged holly. ask her.

me and the two amelias went to norway for a week. it was fun. nothing too terrible went wrong.

thats about all I can think of right now.smiley - biggrinsmiley - coolsmiley - choc

Happy birthday!!

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Alsieboo, Robert Rankin fan member, A2120617

You finally got a lava lamp then, how long is it you've wanted one? Or is that just my imagination? And you lucky thing, laptop! I hope you've got a wireless connection for it!

2 birthday cakes is just not fair, I want to put a complaint in to management! smiley - tongueout

I heard Kerry was coming back, and I bumped into her at the doctors, but I didn't speak to her and I'm not sure if she saw me, or recognised me.

Heh, girly is good! I'm supposed to be getting a caravan, but it was going to be a shed, but I can't decorate that, so smiley - sadface

It's only drizzling now smiley - winkeye

Well Lizzy would, and as long as she's being careful she might as well enjoy herself. In any case, if she gets pregnant, you can be aunty Rachel smiley - tongueout

Nothing *too* terrible? Heh, I suppose thats all you can ask for really, and you all came back alive, so hooray!

Happy birthday!!

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Keseral - lost...

yup! lol, quite along time! and I certainly have, using it at the mo!

smiley - biggrin but whose/which management?

you re ahead of me then in all this... err... ossi? dammit, I'm not keen on this laptop keyboard, it makes me spell stuff incoorectly. see? the 'ossi' was meant to be gossip. huh smiley - cross oh, and she apparantly has a job in oxford, at costas... not sure which one, cos theres more than jus that one in waterstones... isnt there?

caravan? heck! shed? smiley - ermsmiley - cool

pah, its just damp... well, soggy now!

true. did she tell you that?

very true.

I was going to say something else, however, it seems to have flown away... so.... smiley - smileysmiley - biggrinsmiley - smiley

Happy birthday!!

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Alsieboo, Robert Rankin fan member, A2120617

Whey, I do know some things then smiley - tongueout

Any, I don't care, just management! Pah, I want 2 birthday cakes, nay, 3! smiley - winkeye

Well I got told ages and ages ago that they were moving back (kerry wrote to zoe who told someone who told me), but hmm. Next time I'm in Oxford I'll have to have a look for her and see if she remembers lol.

Indeedy, well someone has to move out, because by February we'll have 2 new additions...Stuarts moving in around christmas, and Michelle's pregnant!! So they're having mine and Beccie's room, Beccie is moving into Chels old one, and I'm relegated to something in the driveway lol.

Well no, but I'm hoping.

Lol, well I'm sure it's happier floating around with all the other thoughts than being typed out here and having to live on the internet.

Anywho, must dash, I'm taking mum out shopping for her birthday and our bus is in...35min!!! Barely enough time to make myself even half way decent smiley - winkeye

Happy birthday!!

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Keseral - lost...

smiley - biggrin

nay, 306!smiley - erm

ah! connections eh!smiley - laugh

wow wow wow u... auntie you!smiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrin lol, u will have a full house!!!!!

erm, a tent?

still havnt remembered!

shocking smiley - laughsmiley - cool

Happy birthday!!

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Alsieboo, Robert Rankin fan member, A2120617

I might get a little full if I have that many, so maybe I'll just have 3 little ones instead heh.

Well I used to, I'm all out of touch now lol smiley - tongueout

You're telling me!! It's going to be absolutely manic, and don't even talk to me about the queue for the bathroom at the weekend lol.

No way am I living in a tent. I want to be able to stand up and be ry and warm thank you smiley - tongueout

You're memory's going in your old age heh, as is my spelling, I just tried to make memory's into memorie's. Silly.

Happy birthday!!

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Keseral - lost...

ah, but my 2 were normal, big sized.... not that i had much of thde first... but there were 17 people, so never mind!smiley - biggrin

smiley - laugh I know the feeling!

lol, mebbe u will have 2 get one o' them portaloos out back smiley - winkeye

fine. if you value your own comfort over my amusment...... then you will have to find an end to that sentence! smiley - cross

pah, at least memories shows some knowledge of grammer, whereas my attempted 'amusent' or, amusment asi think it is called, shows mone... ah, none whatsoever!smiley - biggrinsmiley - erm oh dear.

people outside are laughing... *stares at strangers in strange and accusertory manner*smiley - tongueout

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Happy birthday!!

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