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Subbing Crown Court Trials

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Hi Elentari! smiley - hug

I've subbed your excellent article, the recommended version is at A87781639 which you need to subscribe tosmiley - towel

I've tweaked a few things but the only real change was the "jurors may" in << If the case is due to be longer, jurors may have to sit for the length of the case – efforts are usually made to find jurors to whom this will not present any particular problems. >> I have sat on a jury and I was under the impression that once a jury was chosen they had to stay with it to the end of the trial. I've changed it to: <> although if you disagree we can discuss the wording further smiley - ok

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Subbing Crown Court Trials

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Thanks GB!

In my experience if the case is predicted to take longer than 2 weeks, they ask jurors about any difficulties they would have (booked holidays, medical appointments, etc) and try to find jurors who would be able to sit longer. That said, I think if they ask you to sit you probably have to.

For some reason hootoo isn't letting me open the new version at the moment but I will open, read and subscribe when I can! I'm sure it's up to your usual high standards! smiley - ok

Subbing Crown Court Trials

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Right, got it.

Do you think you could change this at the beginning:

"These may include serious assaults and sexual offences." -> "These may include serious assaults, robberies and sexual offences." Just to add another example.

They way you've worded the explanation about jurors sitting for longer than 2 weeks is great, thanks.

There's a bit of inconsistency (which I think is my fault) as to whether 'judge' and 'recorder' are capitalised or not. I'm not sure whether it should be. If you were referring to 'Judge Smith' or 'Recorder Smith' then obviously it would be, but my feeling is it shouldn't be when just referring to 'the judge' or 'the recorder'. What do you think?

Subbing Crown Court Trials

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Sorry, pressed post too soon!

Can you add this after the paragraph about agreed evidence and witnesses in sexual offences having DVD evidence please?

Some witnesses give their evidence from behind a screen. This will be placed to allow the judge, jurors and lawyers to see them, but to block the view of defendant and anyone in the public gallery Almost all Crown Court hearings are open to members of the public to watch.. This is to allow the witness to give their best evidence.

I know that's a bit vague, but it's often done in cases where the witness is scared of the defendant or doesn't want to be recognised. They have to have a good reason for it as there's a legal principle of being able to see your accuser. But I don't want to go into too many details as it's possible potential jurors could read this and then have a case where screens are used and jump to conclusions.

Another thing to add (sorry, I'm just re-reading it and thinking of things which probably should have been in there in the first place)!

Can you add this to the end of the paragraph about majority directions, please?

"If they still cannot reach a decision, the judge will eventually call them back into court and ask them if they think there is any prospect of a verdict. If the Foreman says no, the jury will be dismissed and that is the end of the case. This is called a 'hung jury'. The prosecution must then decide if they want to try the defendant again."

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Subbing Crown Court Trials

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

No need to apologise! I've added those and fixed the judge (smiley - laugh) and recorder so they are consistent. I agree that it should be lower case unless talking about Judge Smith or Recorder Jones.

Would you mind checking I've put your additions in the correct places? smiley - smiley

Subbing Crown Court Trials

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Spot on! Thanks my dear! smiley - hug

Subbing Crown Court Trials

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

You are most welcomesmiley - smooch

*presses the smiley - magicbutton*

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