Pinch Me.

This is ME.

Hi. Hello.
Will Somebody Please Pinch Me?

Who I Am

This little intro is supposed to be about me, right. So here's just a bit of talk to let you understand a little better what sits behind the wheel in the drivel that's likely to pour forth from these fingertips in the coming days.

What I Am

I'm neither a cynic by nature, nor am I intentionally sarcastic. A donkey running in reverse probably exhibits sharper wit than I do. And I'm not your regular brilliant academic (there seem to be so many of those these days, have you noticed?), the kind with acclaim and merits to shame the poor ordinary people of the world into hiding. I'm the average guy.

So that's it, hey. I'm an ordinary guy. In an extraordinary world. I have had extraordinary friends and known some extraordinary people. I've heard some extraordinary stories, too, but the stories you hear are only a reflection of the people you listen to and the world you all live in together. I like these extraordinary things about my life. Because my life, on the whole, is otherwise really so boringly ... ordinary. I like seeing and hearing things that I find hard to believe. They're a pleasant change from the ordinary things that already live in my mind. My ordinary mind. That is it.

I'm an ordinary guy. In an extraordinary world.
Somebody Please Pinch Me, dammit!

Where I Am

I live in South Africa. The country with the best weather in the World. Or so I'm told.

What I Do

I guess I could say that when it comes down to the bone, I'm a computer programmer down beneath all the b/s. But normally, computer programmers don't have as much free time as I do. Especially not computer-programmers-in-training, ie. University students. I don't know where the time comes from, or where it should have been. That's what is scaring me.

Well, anyway, with all this free time, I've managed to try many curious and interesting things. My favourite hobby has to be reading, though I've been doing less and less of that every day, lately. I think I have some unconscious psychological energy driving me to damage my eyes and brain, surrendering my time and energy to the mercy of The Box. No, not the TV, the PC. I must be the first computer-geek who really does hate the effects technology is having on the world around him. Oh, and I don't drink coffee, either. Maybe we should dwell rather on the things I do that are not computer-related. There aren't many.

Music, I love Music. Listening, Mixing, Sequencing. I wish I could play though. If I weren't into programming, I'd be a DJ. :)

I try to write poetry, and short stories. About Life, friendship, and general social issues. I've also tried (unsuccessfully) to write a few songs to go with the music I've tried to compose. Nothing really worth writing home about.

We'll meet again.

Have a nice day. And keep that Towel where I can see it.


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