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Hi Jynx Welcome to H2G2, my name is manda (well its not really but that’s another story) I am from Wolverhampton in the UK, I am an "ACE", (Assistant Community Editors), and I am here to welcome you to H2G2. and to show you around, there is always something going on here to please every one if you know were to find it, if you click on this number >> U193090 ,it will take you to my page were I have put some links that I think you might find interesting, or you can click on this number >> A725500 ,were Rocket Man has made a page for new Researcher's to look at, if you need any more help or just want to talk then do not hesitate to ask, you can leave me a message on my page (by clicking on the "DISCUSS THIS ENTRY" button, or by clicking on the "REPLY" button at the bottom of this page, and I will get back to you, have some smiley - cake and a cup of smiley - tea to keep you going.
speak to you later smiley - ok

Manda smiley - magic

Hi Jynx....

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Many thanks for your warm welcome. I can tell that I am going to be losing myself here for quite some time to come. Everything I have read so far truly appeals to me and my (mayhap naive and idealistic) desire to find a diverse community to become a part of. Thanks again, and hopefully I'll see you around, one way or another.


Hi Jynx....

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Hi jynx nice to here from you again,it sounds like you are going to enjoy it here, it can get very addictive here, I only poped here for a quick look around, now I am allways here
if you want to put a smiley on your postings just click on this one >> smiley - ok (or any one that you see anywere) it will take you to the smiley page,pick the one you want and put the name inbetween two of these < >,
if you need any help jusk ask

speak to you later

manda smiley - magic

Hi Jynx....

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You may be interested to find out how some of us write our home page. To do this replace the 'U' on the address bar with 'testuserpage'. For guide entries just use test before the number.smiley - ok
Hope you have fun. BTW if you click on a nickname you will load their home page (Personal Space).smiley - cheers

Alji smiley - zensmiley - wizard

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