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I know the feeling i have just moved house and i`ve had to strip wall plastering, decorating then moving all furnture and getting the garden sorted out..all the jobs i haven`t done for years..ihad aches where i didn`t know i could ache. anyway if you get time nip on say hello for now we will take your name of the list as accountant and let the temp we had take it over full time..but if you ever decide you have a bit more time on your hands we will always be able to ind a job for i say nothing to stop you nipping in and saying hello in passing..
smiley - love Marc

Hi there

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KNight BLUENOSELD, landlord and GOD of The Boars Head A1042534 United Friends Minister of Self Rigtheousness

smiley - smiley Morning Jackie, smiley - tea for you, i have just been into old posting and can not believe it has been three weeks since my last posting to you (my little pony again - stephen king novel).

So how is life treating your good self?

Fingers crossed and hoping that your brother gets the transfer he seeks, or maybe he already has.

smiley - ale worthingtons is a bitter as you asked, i just refer to it as worthers thats all, you must have seen the tv ad "its a man thing".

Right then i hope to converse with you soon and smiley - sorry for the time lapse it was all my fault (hey look at that a man accepting responsibility - should be good for a laugh at least), hoping that i have put a smile smiley - smiley upon your face.

Fondest regards BNsmiley -

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